Children’s Crafts That Don’t Cost A Fortune

We all know children just want to have fun. This means playing all the time and parents needing to amuse their children. Crafts are a great way to entertain kids and pass the time.

The problem with constant activities is that it’s hard on the wallet. Parents are regularly dishing out money to keep their kids happy. Learn about children’s crafts that don’t cost a fortune.


Money saving hacks are key to raising children. Painting is one of those activities that can be used time and time again. The paints last a long time and are easily reusable. There’s also so many different kinds of paints out there that you don’t have to worry about your children becoming bored. Parents may consider painting a hobby of the past, but remember it’s about the children and they’ll have a blast at a small cost to you.


Building collages are an inexpensive way to have fun. Your kids will love it and you’ll probably learn something new about them while they put it together. Find different children’s magazines and books to cut from and unique decorating items that can be glued to the collage. Let their imagination run wild with this project. Collages are nice because they turn into art pieces to hang on the fridge or in a room.


Who doesn’t love playdough? This stuff is great for the kids and adults. It’ll keep the group entertained for a long time. Come up with different formations, games and challenges to keep the children engaged. The kit is also a fun addition for making fancier looking pieces. Playdough is a way to play and learn at the same time. Go online and you’ll find a long list of activities and ideas to try at home.


Yes, something as simple as paper is a way to save money and still participate in children’s crafts. You can draw, paint and create with paper. The construction paper comes in all sorts of colours. Find accessories to add to the fun like glue, cutouts, glitter, shapes, crayons and paint. Let your children do the thinking and come up with unique ways to use the paper or research ways to create with the paper. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what they show you when you let their imagination go.

Food & Candy

Food and candy can be used in so many different ways. Around the holidays, enlist your kids help decorating cookies and other goodies. These items can also be used for gluing and crafting, or making gifts. We adults can also benefit from using money saving hacks on food and items we buy. Try the quiz at Ladbrokes Games to see where else to cut back and save.


Arts and crafts is fun when you’re not worried about how much it all costs. There are many ways to save and still put together a day the children will enjoy. These money saving hacks allow you to have craft day for your children without spending a fortune.

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