Interior of Sunday Mills

Sunday Mills: Inside The London co-living space curating community

A south west London co-living space is bringing something new to the London rental market by combining living, working and community all under one roof.

Sunday Mills is located in Earlsfield along the river Wandle and only 20 minutes from Oxford Circus and 30 minutes from Euston.

The well-connected co-living space has attracted residents from Italy, Tanzania, South Korea and, of course, London. 

Each resident has their own studio with a double bed, en-suite bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with hob and combi oven, Samsung TV, Air conditioning, under bed storage and built- in wardrobe. 

An image from the communal living room space emphasising the modern interior
SUNDAY MILLS: communal living room space

The residents all have access to the shared amenities and communal spaces, which include, a gym, yoga studio, roof terrace with spectacular views, multiple co working areas, a living room, a cinema room, a fully furnished shared kitchen and dining area and a private hire room for intimate events or dinners. 

Resident Nashstacia Gayle said: “I’ve never come across anything quite like it before, the modern touches and high quality amenities definitely add a luxury feel to living in London that I might not have had access to otherwise.”

A tour of Sunday Mills’ communal spaces

SUNDAY MILLS: a tour of the building’s communal spaces for residents

Residents also have 24-hour access to the onsite management team, Folk who have defined themselves as the people who shape and carry the culture of the place. 

The residents are expected to adhere to the Folk pledge, as part of harbouring a healthy living, working and community culture. 

Nashstacia recalled:  “We have a pledge, like-minded people from different backgrounds living together and fostering a healthy living space through no discrimination and being open-minded.” 

Sunday Mills’ resident events

Sunday Mills offers its residents more than just shared spaces and fancy finishes as they curate community and encourage networking through their regular events.

Every week at Sunday Mills, residents are invited to attend a variety of fun and beneficial events, providing them with the chance to socialise with residents from Sunday Mills and the other Folk co-living spaces in other London locations. 

“We have had so many events. Chinese New Year, Easter, Pride, arts and crafts, music, comedy, self defence, even events around mental health, there is really something for everyone and ample opportunity to try something new,” added Nashstacia. 

Fellow resident Leah Sanga said: “I think the biggest positive is having a place where you can meet and socialise with people.

“Coming from Tanzania, it would have been hard, but living in a place like this simplifies the process.” 

One resident recalled that due to the male-dominated nature of her education and work, she had only male friends, but since moving to Sunday Mills, she has been able to make female friends at the folk events and they now have a holiday planned for later in the year. 

The costs

Sunday Mills offers its residents a lot, but the premium location, modern amenities and luxury London feel come at a cost and some residents feel limited storage space is the trade off. 

One resident expressed that at the time he moved in, it was perfect for him, but changes in his lifestyle meant he now required somewhere that offered considerably more personal space.

Another resident noted that Sunday Mills appeals to a premium market and that is the price of rent on a decent apartment in a further London borough. 

However, unlike other London apartments, residents are not subject to unpleasant landlords, hidden costs or even energy price hikes. 

Currently, a standard studio is approximately £1650 for 12 months, which is inclusive of all bills including council tax and gym access, but residents also have the option of more flexible renting periods for a minimum of three months. 

Resident Francesco Marchi said: “It’s perfect for me because I don’t have to worry about any other additional costs and even when the price of electricity was going up, I was able to turn on my heating during the winter without any worry.” 

As well as being hassle free, Folk definitely offers something unique and with a third Folk co-living space opening soon in Battersea, this style of renting may be more common for young professionals in London.

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Featured image and video credit: Marion Midaye

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