British watch manufacturer pays homage to Concorde with its latest design

An actual piece of the iconic plane sits in a new watch from Bremont.

Despite the incredible Concorde calling it a day back in 2003, the classic plane now lives on in a new limited edition watch.

Bremont, founded by brothers Nick and Giles English in 2002, will release only 500 models of the “Supersonic”, with every single one of them containing a tiny piece of aviation history.

“The Concorde was more than just metal,” said Giles English.

“She inspired pride and emotion – that is truly a rare thing. The Bremont Supersonic is our unique tribute to the world’s only successful supersonic airliner; it’s an honour to work with a prestigious company such as British Airways and for them to trust us with their Concorde heritage.”

The Concorde ran from 1979 to 2003 and was a hugely popular supersonic jet for its time.

However, due to rising ticket prices and a major accident in 2000, the popularity of the Concorde was lessened and, as a result, went out of commission.

Still, the fact that a small piece of the plane continues to live on in another British company is a great tale to tell.

The stainless steel model is limited to 300 pieces and will cost £9,495, the rose gold model is limited to 100 pieces and costs £16,995, and the white gold model is limited to 100 pieces and costs £17,995.

The actual part of the Concorde in question is in the form of an aluminium ring, which rests in the underside casing of the watch.

All the pieces are taken from Alpha Bravo – the last remaining Concorde. There are also a few nods to the recognisable Concorde shape, with silhouettes scatted here and there, including in the actual gear mechanism and on the 12:00 symbol.

As watches are always a contemporary fashion trend, Bremont has picked a great time to release such a gorgeous, limited edition watch.

The English company has been making waves in the USA lately, even being picked by Tom Hardy to wear for his character in the superhero movie, Venom.

Bremont specialises primarily in military watches, which are becoming popular online, but clearly also show that its designers have a knack for more elegant watches as well.

Bremont has two stores in London, one on 29 S Audley St and another on 12 Royal Exchange.

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