Bushstock Festival: Nadia Nair on why she loves London and her personal approach to music

Gothenburg artist Nadia Nair attributes her growing reputation as one of Sweden’s most exciting musical talents to a diverse heritage and a desire to avoid labels.

Nadia performed at Bushstock Festival on Saturday, June 23, which is held across several locations around Shephard’s Bush, including The Library at Bush Theatre, St Stephen’s Church, Defectors Weld and Sindercombe Social.

It is a location and format that Nadia is very fond of.

She said: “London is the top place I’ve played so far.

“I really love London, I’m not a city girl, I find cities a bit hectic, but there’s some kind of vibe that I’m drawn to here.”

Nadia, of Malaysian and Indian heritage, says that London allows her a more intimate and personal experience than other venues.

She added: “London is so diverse, I walk around the corner and there’s always a shock.”

Nadia is keen not to be boxed into the category of a typical artist, as her music isn’t predetermined by a set of rigid rules she feels she must subscribe to.

She said: “I don’t see myself just as a singer, an artist can be so many things.

“I always use music to explore other opportunities, to explore where I am right now in my life.

“My first album I felt like Bambi, I didn’t know what I was doing.

“I don’t shut out certain insecurities or feelings out of my music. There’s no filter.”

Nadia’s music is used to express her own journey, with her first album Beautiful Poetry, more introvert and about her own journey whilst her more contemporary music is about being part of an extrovert journey.

Next for Nadia is a return to her hometown for Way Out West Festival in August.

She describes it as an old band city, highlighting how much things have changed from previous years where artists used to leave to further their music careers, whereas now more are returning.

She added:”I moved away from Gothenburg because I felt I had to to focus on music, but I don’t feel that way anymore.

“It’s good to go back now, it’s very chill.”

Nadia has more plans for her future music, plans that she feels she can’t fully articulate, but which nonetheless are exciting for her unique approach to her music.


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