Tips to help with time management in ecommerce

By SWL staff
March 25 2020, 15.30

We all have limited time to work on our online shops, and that means we have to make the most of these periods.

To maximize the value of your time, you have to track your productivity and make sure you are employing the most efficient marketing methods.

It has actually been established that most new companies fail because of poor time management.

Since it is not possible to increase the amount of time we have on our hands, we should focus on improving our efficiency. Here are some tips to improve time management in ecommerce.

Make schedules

One way of making sure all your important tasks are handled on time is by making schedules. Plan your time to ensure that everything is handled at the right time and in the right way.

You should not always rely on your memory since some things can easily be forgotten and others may be misremembered. You can create schedules using a notebook or Google Calendar.

Use time management apps

There are many time management apps you can use to improve efficiency in your ecommerce store.

With these apps, you can review your week, month, or year to identify the activities which have been dragging you without offering many benefits.

The apps can also help you optimise the amount of time spent on certain tasks. Time management apps Shopify can even help you automate certain complex tasks in order to maximise your efficiency.

Prioritise and delegate tasks

When managing your ecommerce site, you need to understand the tasks to prioritise and those which can be handled later.

Anything that is not high on the list of priorities can be delegated to other individuals. You can also consider getting a personal assistant who will handle administrative tasks and routines.

This way, you will free up a lot of time which can be directed to high priority activities.

Avoid multitasking

Some people are able to multitask effectively, but if you are not among them, attempting to do so can waste a lot of your time.

You will always be thinking about other activities when trying to complete others.

You can avoid multitasking by defining all the activities you have to handle through the day or week, and plan them in order.

Ideally, the more complicated tasks should be handled earlier, especially if they require a lot of time. The easier ones can be handled at the end of the day.


Ecommerce is a growing sector, and that means the competition is tight. One way you can beat the competition is by managing your time properly.

Start by creating schedules for the activities you have to handle every day, week, or month. You can leverage time management applications to ensure you get the highest results out of every hour spent on tasks.

To avoid multitasking, you should create lists of tasks that are high in priority and those that can be handled later. If you apply these tips, you will quickly notice an improvement in your time management.

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