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Hot tub breaks: three romantic ways to spruce up your UK holiday

If you’re a lover of UK holidays, but want to make your trip away more romantic – the perfect addition is right here.

Hot tub holidays are the best thing to make your time away together even more special – indulge in the jets while you enjoy quality time with your loved one.

Here, you can shut out the rest of the world with this private experience.

Now it’s time to plan your holiday – maybe in a different way you’re both used to, so here are three ways to spruce up your holiday full of love.

Pick the best location

The first thing to create a more romantic feel to your hot tub holiday is to choose the perfect location for you both.

For example, if you’re a beach fan, why not head to a location by the Isle of Wight?

There are various beaches you can discover to soak up the beautiful views.

Have a walk around the various paths that can lead you to finding you and your partner’s new favourite landmark.

You may even love a cold, early dip in the water, but it’s great to know that you can warm yourself up when you return with the soothing jets of the hot tub.

Set a date

If you like more of a spontaneous holiday, you can still experience one, but decide between you just one thing you want to do while you’re away.

This means that you’ll have something to look forward to – other than the tub.

You can book from a variety of restaurants and try a new type of cuisine.

Or, if you want to do something different to a meal out, you could cook a three-course meal together, as a way to bond further.

If you’re a competitive couple, why not try a game of adventure golf – the winner gets to choose their favourite spot in the tub.

Remember the small gestures

When you’re away, it can be easy to forget the real reason why you came on holiday – to celebrate you and your person.

So, pull out all the stops to make this holiday one to remember, no matter how small the gestures feel. Sometimes, they are the most heartfelt ones.

Why not decorate your holiday room together, and the surroundings of the tub to add to that romantic feel?

Another idea is to cut off all distractions by switching off your phones – instead talk about a range of topics to strengthen your relationship.

Alongside this you can gather some of your favourite treats, and pop open that bottle of bubbly to celebrate each other on your hot tub holiday

Here are just three ways to make your hot tub holiday that little bit more romantic, but personalise it further with things that you both enjoy doing.

With a number of different hot tub holidays to choose from, why not search for the perfect venue for you and your loved one today?

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