Pole dancing life drawing to support Kingston’s art space

Kingston artists and pole dancers have teamed up for a unique life drawing session in support of the area’s young creatives.

Not My Beautiful House, a community led shop, gallery and event area located in Kingston’s Market Square partnered with Pole Ninjas to create a unique experience that merges the worlds of drawing with pole dancing.

Pole Ninjas owner, Steph, created the business after a local studio asked her to take charge due to their closure leading her to jump at the opportunity given to open a studio where she said people can learn about their bodies and explore movement in a safe place. 

Steph first got into pole dancing through her friend and at first felt uncomfortable but due to her deep admiration towards her friends skills she decided to go to a pole class and the rest was history.

She said: “Don’t come up with excuses about why you shouldn’t go. Pole is for all bodies, there is something for everyone. 

“The real benefits of pole aren’t the physical ones, they’re the mental ones. Pole gives you a confidence that no other type of fitness can give you.

“You learn more about yourself and your body as you connect with the pole. It’s a form of release like no other and the best movement comes from raw emotion.”

According to Maryliart, life drawing allows artists to gain a better understanding of the human anatomy which also enhance observation skills.

Life drawing challenges every artists skills due to the need to match the resemblance of the model that could change drastically with a turn of a pose, a lighting change or even a blink of the eye. 

Pole Ninjas’ life drawing takes a spin on usual life drawing as the poses are staged on a pole rather than the classical nude thinking pose to offer an exciting new challenge.

All profits from the life drawing and shop sales go towards sustaining Not My Beautiful House which supports hundreds of young people on low incomes to sell their work, host events, and trial business ideas.

Steph said: “It is a really inspiring project to be a part of.”

Featured image credit: Pole Ninjas

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