London’s top 5 gaming and entertainment centres

Prepare to be entertained at London’s leading gaming centres

London is one of the world’s most happening cities. It is home to an incredible array of entertainment options. It’s a veritable melting pot of cultures, each with their distinctive charm and appeal. The Queen’s city is also an entertainment paradise of note, and there are plenty of trendy establishments ready to welcome gamers from all walks of life. Whether you’re an old school-style arcade aficionado with Pac Man, Battle Tanks, or Street Fighter in your skills arsenal, or you’re an avid eSports fanatic, there’s a venue waiting to roll out the red carpet just for you.

Our roller coaster ride will take you on an epic journey through London’s majestic entertainment enclaves. Prepare yourself for entertainment par excellence, with engaging games and out-of-this-world fun. It doesn’t matter what games you enjoy most; these establishments are the crème de la crème of top-tier entertainment and they’ve covered all the bases. This list includes the best kept secrets in London and some of the most popular entertainment centres in the city. Ready to get started? Let’s get this show on the road.

#5 – VEGA London

VEGA London is an absolute little gem. This arcade game center is open from 10am–11pm, from Monday to Sunday. The game selection includes a veritable listing of popular rhythm games like REFLEC BEAT, pop’n music, MUSECA, jubeat, DanceDanceRevolution, beatmania, and IIDX.

Action fans will certainly not be disappointed with VEGA London. Everybody’s favourite martial artists are out in full force with the hard-hitting Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

For fans of puzzle games, Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror Instinct is an instant hit. If you’re looking to take a breather, there’s always a pool table to rack ’em, stack ’em and crack ’em with your mates. VEGA London is located at 9 Islington High Street, a fab location with lots of great restaurants and entertainment options located nearby.

#4 – DNA VR

Let’s be serious – virtual reality rocks! DNA VR is the first ever VR arcade to open its doors in London. It has been described as ‘unusual’, ‘resplendent’, ‘awe-inspiring’ and ‘out-of-this-world’. That’s precisely what virtual reality is all about – no boundaries, no constraints, and no end to the possibilities. Gamers go gaga for DNA VR, thanks to the cavalcade of single player and multiplayer VR games that are available.

If you play in packs, you’ll be thrilled to know that up to 10 players can team up to enjoy VR games at DNA VR. The VR hardware is the best in the business and that means you’re going to be blown away (figuratively) by the experience. Gear up for Space Station Tiberia and Depth of Osiris. 

A smorgasbord of great VR games awaits you at DNA VR, including Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, Raw Data, Skyfront VR, Affected: The Manor, Space Pirate Trainer, Quivr, Beat Saber, Angry Birds VR, Google Earth, Creed: Rise to Glory, The Lab and Apollo 11.  These mind-bending attractions are located at Units 1&2, 400-404 York Way, in Market Estate.

#3 – The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London

London’s West End is a fabulous location for games and entertainment. The Crystal Maze LIVE EXPERIENCE is truly unforgettable in every sense of the word. Barely a quick stroll away from the world-famous Piccadilly Circus Station, this premier gaming destination features 32 world-class games.

What’s particularly fascinating about The Crystal Maze LIVE EXPERIENCE is the strategic gameplay in each attraction. Ready to get involved? The Crystal Maze is a hands-on experience based on the incredibly popular 1990s TV show. This entertainment enclave is great for team building exercises and it’s dollops of fun too.

Gaming nowadays is all about immersion. The Crystal Maze fulfills that promise, big league. There are four unique zones to play through, including: Aztec, Medieval, Futuristic and Industrial. Gather up as many crystals as you can, you’ll need them to buy time in the final quest.

#2 – The Void

Virtual Reality is all the rage in gaming circles nowadays. You’d be hard-pressed to find a great game this is not being upgraded to feature VR technology. We see instances of this all the time with MMO games, card games, strategy games and beyond. Brace yourself for our #2 favourite London gaming destination: The Void.

As you might have guessed, The Void is a VR gaming experience. As part of a much broader virtual reality global operation, The Void features prominently in Toronto, New York, Las Vegas and Orlando. For Star Wars fans, this is like a dream come true. Step aboard and enjoy an intergalactic VR adventure with Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.

Update: The Void London has temporarily vanished into the Black Hole that astronomers recently discovered. But don’t lose hope, this doesn’t mean that the Dark Side has won. The forces of good are working to bring The Void back to the UK. We’re holding thumbs that this will be soon because this gaming destination was simply magnifique a.k.a. magnificent!

#1 – The Palm Beach Casino

Surprised? Don’t be. The Palm Beach Casino is a hive of activity right in the heart of London. Located in Mayfair, London this illustrious resort is the epitome of fun-filled entertainment. Of course, there’s nothing virtual about your gaming sessions in this fine establishment. It’s as real as the Queen’s currency, especially when you’re dropping crisp 50 quid notes on the Blackjack table and racking up impressive wins.

A word of advice mate, read up on the rules of the game before you throw down the big bucks. We recommend an informative blackjack strategy guide to get you started.  What’s so great about The Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair? It’s spectacular. Simply register to become a member (complimentary service) and collect LPs (Loyalty Points) to enjoy feature-rich gaming benefits.

Don’t dress down, this is no dive. Prim and proper attire is required at all times. These folks roll out the red carpet for everyone and there are more than enough high-class card games, roulette games, slot machine games and other games to keep even the most discerning players happy. Fancy a live show? The Palm Beach Casino is your ticket to melodious beats, world-class performances and exceptional gameplay.

That’s a Wrap!

London’s finest gaming resorts and entertainment centres are the best of the best. While our listing includes a handful of attractions, it is by no means a fully comprehensive listing of London’s finest. It’s certainly enough to whet your appetite and get you well on your way to enjoying world-class games.

Join the crush of players flocking to these posh destinations and play your way to gaming nirvana. From old school vintage charm to modern-day gaming marvels, these establishments will serve you well on your adventures through London. Remember to Mind the Gap!

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