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Complete student’s guide for studying abroad in London

Studying in London could be quite a task, especially for foreign scholars.

It’s no news that the standards of education here and in Europe at large are phenomenal, but getting the right college may be hard.

Some aspirants get recommendations from friends and family relatives and end up enrolling in a school that doesn’t offer their preferred course.

This article covers everything you need to know about top-ranking schools in this iconic city before enrolling.

Top five ranking universities in London 2022

If you have to spend a lot on tuition, you should do it right at a deserving university. Here are our top five ranking colleges in 2022:

University College London (UCL)

As the first higher education institution in the city, UCL welcomes thousands of foreigners to its world-class educational programs.

American learners can easily locate the citadel of learning at the heart of Bloomsbury in London’s west end.

The school continues to gain global prominence from its products in Medicine, Psychology, Archeology, and Architecture.

Imperial College London

If you intend to study abroad in London, Imperial College has one of the finest lists of extracurricular activities for its scholars.

It has earned its relevance by producing renowned graduates in Research of Medicine, Science, and Engineering.

Foreign scholars would find the campus at Borough of Kensington welcoming.

London School of Economics (LSE)

LSE is one of the top research institutions in the world.

The School of Economics is ranked seventh for foreign students and is known for research in social sciences. The school has an impactful Accounting and Economics faculties.

LSE’s alumni association is one of the top 10 most influential alumni associations in the city.

Aspiring social sciences scholars would find the courses at LSE of high educational standards.

Queen Mary University

Foreign scholars can easily locate the Queen Mary’s campus at Mile End.

Queen Mary is outright famous for its academic curriculum in Linguistics, Dance, Drama, Medicine, and most East European Languages.

It’s safe to say that most foreign scholars come down to Queen Mary for their Medicine program.

As the Queen Mary Hospital is one of the most facilitated medical institutions here. Undergraduates get a chance to train there.

King’s College

Located by the Strand’s corner and a stone’s throw away from the House of Parliament, King’s College is a high-ranking school for Humanities and Law degrees.

As such, students here typically have a tight schedule to navigate.

Fortunately, you can pay someone to write your essays and assignments, so there’s sufficient space for other relevant activities.

Hiring an expert ensures that you turn in high-standard submissions regularly, a prerequisite for making your time at King’s a success.

What is the cost of studying at a London University?

The price tag of education in the United Kingdom or any EU college rises annually.

A typical university here costs an average of £9,250 per year.

The rates for foreign undergraduates vary depending on the school but are usually between £10,000 and £38,000.

Medical and Law scholars should expect to pay the highest rates for tuition compared to others.

Colleges generally have specific fees, which may differ from the above rates.

How to apply to London universities

There are a couple of options available to foreign aspirants looking to school in London.

You do not have to travel down to the college to apply in person. Most schools allow their aspiring scholars to apply using the school’s website.

This is a pretty straightforward procedure that requires you to fill out the necessary forms online. On the other hand, there are third-party admissions colleges affiliated with your desired school.

Come prepared for the culture shift

You should prepare for the cultural shift when you eventually start university here.

Of course, you wouldn’t trek eight miles (ca. 13 km) to get to the Tower Bridge or around Windsor Castle.

Yes, you might have to jump in on the food practice of scholars on Portobello Road or some of the best places and restaurants by the tube station in the capital city.

It may be nice to get an Oyster card or walk a few minutes by the brick lane on Hyde Park.


Every aspiring student looking to school in London must learn a thing or two about the colleges before applying.

We’ve done justice to the top-rated colleges, highlighting their key courses and faculties.

Some of these schools may seem expensive for you as a foreign scholar, but studying abroad is in any country.

We went further to give a breakdown of the average cost of London study in the last few years.

Tuition fees vary, of course, depending on your choice of college or course.

If you must, confirm the legitimacy of the affiliated college before making payments online.

Stick to the schools listed above for a great learning experience in central London.

Featured image credit: Tristan Surtel via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0 license

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