a drawing that says "Halloween in Richmond" in orange on a black background. There is also a spider web, two orange pumpkins, a pink pumpkin, a large skeleton, and a little ghost

Five Richmond Borough themed Halloween costumes 

Stay safe this year from the spectre of having no idea what to wear for Halloween, by wowing your friends with one of these Richmond Borough themed Halloween costumes.

Here are five easy ideas to help you put the Boo in Boo-gie, and pull off some great Richmond representation at all of your Halloween parties:

Richmond FC Team Member

a picture of a red and white football jersey, a gold whistle, and white running shorts - can be put together for a Richmond FC costume

Ted Lasso costumes may feel a little 2020, but with rumours of a spin-off series in the air, dressing as a member of Richmond’s local (albeit fictional) Premier League team is still very much en vogue. For this, all you need is a football shirt, running shorts, and a whistle for all the motivational speeches you’ll be giving at your Halloween party.

Morning Park Runner 

a picture of pink leggings, a blue running shirt, and a drawing of a pathway between two locations with some tress around the pathway - can be put together for a richmond park runner costume

Is your biggest fear waking up early to run a lap of Richmond Park? Then terrify yourself this Halloween with a costume to make any late-risers shudder. All you need is a pair of leggings, a lycra top (bonus points if it’s from a half-marathon), and a Strava account, to strike fear into the minds of anyone who has not run a mile since secondary school.  

Traffic Jams

a picture of a yellow high visibility vest, a red stop sign, and a jar of strawberry jam - can be put together for a richmond traffic jam costume

Do you live in fear of your commute time? Well, how about sharing your morning terrors with your friends by dressing as a classic Richmond traffic jam this Halloween. All you need is a high-vis vest, a DIY Stop Sign, and, if you’re pun-inclined, a jar of jam to eat very, very, slowly. 

Couples Costume (if you love nature) — Deer and Stag

a drawing of a brown fur coat and brown antlers - can be put together for a richmond park deer and stag costume

If you and your partner enjoy picnics in the park, then what better to dress as than a deer and a stag? Embrace Richmond Park strolls at your Halloween party with ease. Just repurpose some Christmas Rudolph antlers, throw on a brown faux-fur coat, add some white spots, and you’re good to go. 

Couples Costume (if you love drama) — Henry VIII and Anne of Cleaves  

a picture of two white pillows, a green gown, a gold picture frame, and a gold crown - all can be put together for a Henry and Anne costume

If you and your partner can’t help having a little drama at a party, then you can celebrate the history of Richmond Palace — gifted by Henry VIII to Anne of Cleaves as part of their divorce settlement — by dressing like the ill-fated pair. All you need is a few pillows to bulk up and a plastic crown for Henry. For Anne, try a long dress and carrying around several edited pictures of yourself (Hans Holbein would have loved Photoshop). To really pull this off, about half way through the party have a big fight about how Anne isn’t who you thought she was. 

Have a safe and fun Halloween, and make sure to tag @southwestlondoner on Instagram if you wear any of these Richmond Borough Halloween costumes over the holiday!  

In-text images were made in Canva by Sophie Clark

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