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Is now the perfect time to open an online fitness business in London?

The fitness industry is growing rapidly and is projected to be worth $434.74 billion by 2028 according to

The sector’s amazing expansion is partly thanks to the emergence of online solutions to health and wellness, which have boomed over the last few years.

There are countless gyms around London to suit all fitness levels, and the market is saturated in physical locations.

Online businesses could thrive in the city, as they could market themselves to office workers who may be too busy to go to a fitness centre after work.

After getting established in the capital, an online fitness business could spread across the country and replicate other successful London-based companies like Deliveroo.

Online fitness businesses offer a personal touch

The gym can be a lonely place unless you’re there with a personal trainer, which can be costly.

Online fitness experts are much cheaper for end users, as it’s easier for them to organise group classes and provide pre-recorded materials.

They can also construct bespoke diet plans for customers by adjusting existing models to suit different regimes.

This is why a lot of people are turning to online solutions.

If you open an online fitness business, you can offer this personal touch from the moment a customer first interacts with your company.

It starts with a catchy and memorable name, which is easy enough to create using tools like

You can put in some fitness related keywords into the generator tool and let the AI work its magicfor example, options like Zeus Fit and Esteem Health.

After deciding on a name, you can then develop your brand through your webpages, social media, and marketing plans.

It’s wise to be as personable as possible, as consumers love trustworthy brands.

Indeed, 88% of consumers say authenticity is important to them, according to

Using technology to your advantage

Now could be the perfect time to develop an online fitness company, with virtual reality on the way.

The technology is expected to boom in the late 2020s, with projections from suggesting it could be worth $87 billion by 2030.

The headsets are already making home workouts more immersive and engaging, and fitness instructors who break onto the platform early could benefit.

That’s because when it becomes a household item, there will be a surge of new customers.

There are other ways that fitness instructors can use technology to boost their workout sessions.

For example, smartwatches can collect more information about their users than ever before, and experts can use this to alter their programmes.

They could monitor heart rate and oxygen intake on a particular activity and then optimise it so it’s more effective the next time.

London could be the ideal location to set up an online fitness business, with access to millions of people who may be hoping to improve their health.

Ensuring that your brand is recognisable and connects with customers is important, as is the implementation of current and future technology.

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