COMMENT: Just a social construction, FGM

You will have heard about female genital mutilation, which is still carried out today to prevent women from becoming sexually active and to preserve their virginity. 

As a Middle-Eastern woman, I am upset to learn that such things happen. Although it’s not unusual in my culture, it seems absurd in a UK household. 

Several women I know have undergone FGM and most said it made no difference to them. A question in my mind is whether or not this is just a product that has become a social norm, a myth that makes people believe getting it done will save them from losing their virginity before marriage.

According to Forward, the Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development, 137,000 women and girls in the UK are living with the effects of FGM. In addition, 200 million women and girls have been subjected to it. 

Over the years, I have noticed that even people who come to live in the UK have trouble adapting to the western lifestyle. 

Despite their best efforts, they still maintain their cultural beliefs. In many religious and cultural beliefs, virginity is required in order to preserve a family’s reputation and prevent situations like honour killings, which has been prevalent for decades. 

Those with freedom cannot comprehend the lives of women who have greater control over their choices.

I find the whole idea quite disturbing, and I believe every woman, regardless of background, should be able to make her own decisions regarding FGM. 

Although it’s banned in most countries, it still happens one way or another. I think more needs to be done to educate women about why such practices are sexist. 

Maybe you’re wondering why I use the word sexist, but these practices are sexist. So why don’t we see the same treatment given to men? 

Despite the fact that FGM is said to work, why did everyone I spoke to say it had no effect on their sexual desire? 

In reality, FGM does not influence a woman’s ability to have sex and was just invented by others to fool women into thinking it could preserve their virginity. 

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