OOS! Big thumbs up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Checkmat Wimbledon

The only place where it’s acceptable to mount men you don’t know. 

Once I got over the fact that I couldn’t even do a forward roll properly (rolamento in Portuguese), I really enjoyed my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Checkmat Wimbledon…even if I am still aching.

After a quick warm-up we practiced some BJJ and self-defence techniques before taking to the floor for some sparring.

To make it more fun, the sparring was made into a mini competition. If you managed to mount your partner, you stayed on the mat. If you lost, you joined the back of the queue.

Fully aware everyone was going very easy on me, I still threw myself into it and really enjoyed it.

Picking up techniques as I went along, I found everyone was really helpful.

The best thing about the night was the community spirit. Nobody laughed at me and it wasn’t awkward at all – which it could be when asking a complete stranger if they’d like to go on the top or bottom.

BJJFRONT AND CENTRE: I didn’t get the memo about wearing black

The ultimate stress-busting, weight-loss, very sweaty #Mondaymotivation you could ask for.

BJJ instructor at Checkmat Wimbledon, Carl Fisher, said: “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, for men and women, boys and girls. Whatever your age, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has much to offer.

“It’s a great way of getting into shape, losing weight and toning up, and is one of the best stress busters around.

“Once you get onto the mats and start training, all the worries of the day are soon forgotten as you concentrate on the next 90 minutes of mat time.

“And at the end of class you feel a real sense of achievement, together with the rest of your team mates.

“Come down to Checkmat Wimbledon and give a class a try and change your life for the better, you won’t regret it.”

Classes take place every Monday and Wednesday from 8:15pm-9:45pm at Checkmat Wimbledon, The Holistic Fitness Studios, 40 Broadway Court, SW19 1RG.

For more information, class prices and one-to-one sessions, email Carl at [email protected].

Follow them on Twitter @CBB1970.

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