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Top tips to improve your small garden space

When it comes to maximising a small garden space, you must think outside the proverbial box.

There are several ways you can make the tiniest garden burst and bloom with possibilities.

Make the most of the space you have by keeping it simple, breaking up the space, using pots and other containers, and moving away from traditional grass.

Keep it simple

The secret to turning your small garden into a fun and functional area is to fight the impulse to overcomplicate things.

The same organisational principle that works to minimise clutter in a tiny indoor space also works in a small outdoor space.

Firstly, keep all tools and gardening gadgets hidden away in a storage area like a shed. There are several creative storage solutions that can be explored.

Consider your garden as a second living space in your home where you can unwind.

Break it up

Dividing a small area into zones might help it feel bigger as well as make it more useful.

Pathways create a way to draw you into exploring the garden space, especially if you cannot see where the path leads.

Paths or pavers with various colours or textures are a terrific way to increase floor space.

Think about establishing a space for eating, relaxing, and gardening. You can create zones using bedding, decking, and furniture.

A small space is sufficient for a food garden. While a tiny vegetable garden may not be adequate for subsistence farming, it can nevertheless provide some of your favourite dishes to prepare at home.

In small gardens, pick vegetables and herbs that coexist well with one another.

Some plants and flowers even provide a natural repellent to keep pests away from your harvest. You can increase your yield by picking the best location as well as a variety of your favourite plants.

Outdoor seating for your relaxation can be whatever aesthetic you fancy.

You may go for aluminium garden furniture sets that can be multifunctional for both relaxing and dining outdoors.

Another option may be fold-away hammocks that offer a chic and space-saving alternative.

Keep potting

Potted flowers, plants, and vegetables are lifesavers in a small garden space.

You may think you have a shortage of beds, but using pots and other containers eliminates the need for additional space.

Place pots against borders and fences to maximise growing potential by making use of the vertical area.

Vertical gardening is another superb way to grow plants from pots in a small garden.

In a tiny garden area, you might be tempted to use smaller pots, but garden and landscaping experts explain that it’s more advantageous to look for larger options.

A few larger pots will appear less cluttered, as too many smaller ones will look overcrowded, making the space feel even smaller.

Keep off the grass

There is no disputing that most garden lovers enjoy a patch of lush grass, but if your garden is too small (and you shy away from high-maintenance grass patches), there are several other options that may be much better suited to your garden area.

Permeable gravel, ground cover, and even patches of wildflowers can create areas that are attractive to both people and wildlife without the need for lawnmower storage.

You can make the most of your compact garden by using these four tips.

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