Comprehensive guide to cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

In the UK, dental care has often come to involve long waiting times and high prices for treatments not covered by the NHS.

And over recent years, the cost of dental procedures across the UK has skyrocketed.

For many, even routine check-ups, let alone more complicated or cosmetic procedures, are now spiralling out of reach.

And in London, where higher overhead costs, rents, and wages apply, the situation is even worse.

Given the challenging environment, more and more people are now exploring more affordable options abroad.

And Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism.

Patients are finding the combination of world-class services and big cost savings on offer irresistible.

If you’re thinking of joining this ever-growing group, then here’s all you need to know beforehand.

Why is Turkey so popular for cosmetic dentistry?

It’s no accident Turkey has emerged as a go-to destination for cosmetic dentistry services.

Firstly, the cost savings on offer are a huge draw.

Quite simply, dentistry procedures in Turkey are far more affordable than here in the UK – as much as 60 to 70% cheaper!

For more complex procedures, even with travel expenses factored in, there are still significant savings to be made.

Turkish dental clinics employ highly skilled professionals trained to international standards, and the facilities are state-of the art.

When you choose a dental clinic like Smile Dental Turkey, then you’re getting superb savings without having to compromise on quality and safety.

The range of treatments available are wide-ranging too: from veneers and professional teeth whitening to dental crowns and implants, Turkey has you covered.

Many clinics also offer amazing packages that can include accommodation and airport transfers.

Perfect if you want to combine cosmetic dental treatment with a holiday!

What should I do beforehand?

Before you choose a dental clinic and get the plane tickets booked, you need to prepare adequately.

Remember, many cosmetic procedures involve quite significant surgery, and you need to take several steps in advance to ensure the best experience and the best possible results.

Research, research, research

Whatever procedure you’re looking at, dental treatments are usually not much fun.

So, just as in any country, you need to find a dental clinic you feel comfortable with, so all the stress and worry is taken out of the equation.


Your first step is to check the clinic has the relevant accreditation and certification.

Make sure they have a health tourism certificate. This is an authorisation granted by the Turkish Ministry of Health to clinics that meet strict international health standards.

The clinic should also be a member of the Turkish Dental Association.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ask the dental clinic for details of the qualifications of their dentists and their experience.

The clinic should be happy to share detailed profiles of their practitioners.


Great clinics will have great reviews, and testimonials from previous patients should be a key part of the research process.

Online platforms like Trustpilot, social media and dental tourism websites will impart invaluable insights into real life experiences.

Before & after photos

These should be present on the websites of the dental clinics.

Reviewing them will give you an idea of the capabilities of the clinic and what results you can expect.

Understand the procedure

For any procedure, no matter how simple or complex, being well-informed is critical.

You need to clearly understand the process, recovery times, expected results – and any risks involved.

If you’re not 100% sure what will take place, then don’t book, and go through your research again.

The initial consultation

You should look for a dental clinic that offer online consultations where you can discuss your requirements and send photos or x-rays (the best Turkish dental clinics will refund the cost of x-rays should you then have treatment with them).

You should then receive a fully costed and comprehensive treatment plan.

This will ensure that the clinic and the patient agree about the treatment and that the desired results are delivered.

Planning your trip


When you’ve booked your procedure, it’s now time to book your flights.

Make sure you have an up-to-date passport, and any visas are in order.

If you’re using a clinic where accommodation and airport transfers aren’t part of the deal, then make sure you’ve got that all sorted.

For maximum comfort, you’ll need to stay close to the clinic.


Your comprehensive treatment plan should include full costs (with no hidden extras).

Where you need to pay for extras like flights, then make sure you have budgeted to include those costs as well as your procedure.

Don’t forget to check what payment method is accepted at your chosen clinic.

Legal matters

Make sure your trip and treatment are covered.

Medical tourism insurance is a wise investment to cover any issues that may crop up during your treatment.

You should also closely research the legal protections available for patients and make sure you have a full grasp of the clinic’s policies for follow-up care and corrections.

The treatment process

When you arrive, you’ll be seen in modern, state-of-the-art facilities and you will get a thorough examination and you’ll then go over your plan again with the dentist.

Depending on the procedure you’re getting, treatment could involve one session or multiple ones.

You should have a clear timeline on everything including follow up care.

Listen to the professionals and prepare yourself for the healing time required.

Final thoughts

Choosing Turkey for cosmetic dentistry can be a fantastic option, especially for those looking for high-quality treatments and care at cost-effective prices.

But doing your research, choosing the right clinic for you, and preparing adequately for the trip are things you can’t compromise on.

By understanding the procedures, asking the right questions, and considering the risks involved, you can help ensure a smooth experience and excellent result.

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