IBET44’s Sportsbook is a revelation in the sports betting industry

By SWL Staff
April 20 2020, 10.30

A new, game changing platform is here for football bettors. Sportsbook is looking to turn the entire Indonesian sports betting industry on its head, all whilst creating the most value for its users.

These days, many leisurely activities that used to involve a certain degree of hassle, uncertainty, and difficulty have now been made easier by the advent of the internet.

Communication and interaction have never been easier and following in the multitude of industries that are taking advantage of this fact, the sports betting industry is charting a digital path for itself – the likes of which we haven’t quite seen before.

The digital world that we live in today allows for activities such as bets to be placed and registered instantaneously, reducing the time taken by the entire process.

This has further incentivised sports fans to bet more and more, and with each successive wave, wager amounts seem to be on the climb. Last year alone, bets on football games worldwide ran into the billions of dollars.

For the first time in the history of sports betting, more bets were placed online in 2018 than through any other channel. This meant that a higher fraction of the total amount of bets that people placed were done using online platforms rather than the more conventional means of bet placing.

This further means that sports bettors all over the world have caught on to the multiple advantages that placing bets online has to offer. The market is now mature, stable, and ready for strong names to establish a foothold in – names like Sportsbook.

Among all the big guns in the sports betting arena, football (soccer) is perhaps the biggest. The game, which is now by far the most popular sport on the planet, sees more bets placed on its matches than on any other sporting events.

Football has captivated the minds of many fans all over Indonesia and the world and in doing so, has captivated their coffers as well. The immense popularity of the sport in Indonesia as well is testament to this, with the country hosting a burgeoning football scene with leagues of many levels, national competitions, and school competitions.

Suffice to say, football has made inroads into the Indonesian market and in doing so, has won over many fans. With the support for the game at an all time high, platforms like Sportsbook are looking to give fans a place to bet on their favourite teams seamlessly and conveniently.

Aside from football, Sportsbook also covers other very popular sports including basketball, athletics, poker, horse racing, and a lot more.

Suffice to say that whatever at all your preferences for sports betting are, you can find a game to bet on within the platform. The platform also allows users to aggregate bets made under multiple sports and events and monitor the progress of those bets simultaneously – win or lose.

IBET44ID judi bola Sportsbook is a relatively new name in the game. Based in Indonesia, the platform collates a multitude of sports games and events of all kinds for users to bet on.

After depositing certain amounts on the platform, users can then use those amounts to bet on the games of their choice. Sportsbook clearly shows the odds on those games on the platform and allows users to bet on multiple games at once as part of a single slip.

They can then monitor the progress of those games to see if they’ve won, or lost. The platform offers users instantaneous withdrawal of winnings and allows them to instantly cash out their bonuses on the platform as well.

Sportsbook is a well thought out platform that since its inception, has placed its users first, aiming to offer the richest, most convenient betting experience for its worldwide userbase. The platform is purpose-built towards being simplistic and easy to understand.

The games on offer are spelled out clearly with the odds on each bet conveniently placed beside. This means that at just a quick glance, users can clearly peruse everything remotely concerning their games in advance of actually placing the bets.

The platform is built for seamless deposit and withdrawals by the user at any time that they see fit (following strictly the laws that govern the platform). But, in the rare occasion where any user has a grievance or an enquiry, Sportsbook has customer care representatives from the company that are on hand 24/7 to answer those queries.

The initial registration process for many other betting platforms are long, convoluted processes that occur over multiple stages. This is usually because the companies want to properly vet every new user for identity verification and to prevent against potential scams.

Sportsbook works to keep this process short, allowing its users to dive straight into the betting action as quickly as possible. It has always maintained a high priority and focus towards the quality of their customer service, emphasising the satisfaction of every user as a preeminent objective.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Sportsbook was built to be a sports betting platform that every true Indonesian sports fan can get behind.

It knows its target market and doubles down on the demographic. With Indonesian and English language options, it also makes itself accessible to the locals in even the smallest of ways.

The value proposition doesn’t just end there however. The platform regularly runs raffles to reward a select number of lucky users. It also gives frequent bettors bonuses of many kinds that can be redeemed just like their winnings.

For fans that happen to be outside of the country as well, the platform also has coverage outside of Indonesia. Diaspora users can also deposit money, place bets, and withdraw winnings as would be done normally. There is no need to use a VPN service or any other web IP masking tool with the platform. Security, alongside ease of use are the platform’s top priorities with regards to its functionality.

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