Tips for safe online trading

Trading on the stock market is becoming more and more accessible to common people.

When we are using brokers and trading platforms, we can buy and sell assets in the comfort of our own home, or anywhere we take our smartphone.

As always, when it comes to the topic of money, we should be careful before we use an online service and/or invest blindly.

Here are tips on how to trade safely using online trading platforms.

The risks of trading online

Many of the risks of online trading are the same as other access points to the stock market.

The values of assets are often volatile and can fall or rise on a whim.

No investment is guaranteed to succeed and many factors, like real world events, can quickly and unexpectedly influence the market.

If we invest large sums of money, we can lose just as much and more.

Additionally, online trading has some specific risk factors as well.

For example, when we use online brokers and trading platforms, we can get scammed if we don’t choose wisely.

Reviews and ratings, like the ones on, can help us avoid these pitfalls.

Tips for safe online trading

There are multiple strategies that will help you trade safely:

Online security

Just like any other action on the internet, our security measures protect our personal and financial data when we are trading online.

If you want to invest using an online service, make sure to secure your computer, tablet, or smartphone first.

  • You can use an antivirus program and a secure VPN connection to protect yourself from malware and hide your movements from hackers.
  • Using strong passwords for any of your accounts is just as important. It is best, if you change them often.

Trustworthy services

Any platform you use when handling your finances and trading should be trustworthy.

If you are using an online broker, make sure the provider is licensed by a financial institution.

This way, you can be sure that their service is regulated and not a scam.

Another tool that will help you find a good trading platform is reviews and ratings.

You can find many of them on trading-themed websites.

They compile information on the brokers, their features, and compare them with other options.

Informed decisions

It will be both harder to scam you and harder to lose money unexpectedly if you research trading before you start investing.

Make sure you know how the market, different kinds of assets and trading strategies work.

To make good choices, you will need to learn how to read and analyze the market.

Keep an eye out for real-life events, too. This way, you will be able to speculate more efficiently.

Risk management

Make sure the fallout of bad investments is limited and never bet more money than you can afford to lose.

Experts advise to never use more than 1% of your total capital when trading.

Beware of trading methods like trading with leverage.

When you use leverage, you only have to pay a small sum of your investment yourself, the rest will be paid by the broker.

You will benefit from the total sum if you succeed, making you much more money than you risked.

However, if the trade fails, you will also lose more money than you bet in the first place.


Trading can have a kind of gambling effect on some people.

The brain releases dopamine when we win, or exciting situations resolve.

We can begin to crave this feeling and start to invest without control.

Sometimes, when we are on a winning streak, it can lead us to invest more money than we should.

The same is true the other way around.

Traders who have lost a lot might feel the need to keep investing to cancel out the losses.

This way, we can lose a lot of money.

To avoid a loss of control, try to set up limits like set hours or amounts of money you are allowed to trade in a day or a week.


Trading can be risky. The stock market can make us rich, but ruin us just as fast.

To trade safely, we need to put in some work and research trading and the market.

When we make informed decisions, we are more likely to succeed.

By setting up limits and implementing risk management strategies, we can reduce the risk of going bankrupt.

Online review sites can help us find good and trustworthy trading platforms.

Often, these kinds of websites also give us good trading advice and information on the market and investments.

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