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Entertainment 101: How to have a successful poker night at London’s premiere casinos

By SWL staff
May 19 2020, 21.25

Ready to play a bit of poker? London is the place to do it. The collection of casino venues in town cater to every taste, and players of all styles and skill levels are sure to feel welcome.

However, a poker night in London is something you should prepare for. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with this comprehensive guide to making your London poker night a success in every way. 

From playing the game itself to picking the venue and dressing correctly, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to rock the tables in London this year. 

Coming in Prepared

If you’re hitting the town for some casino fun, or online for a casino bonus you’ll want to come in armed with all the essential knowledge to make your night a proper adventure. The good news is, you don’t have to spend months learning every single strategic aspect of the game. It isn’t essential to be a poker guru. All you really need is a bit of know-how to keep up with the other players and make the game go along smoothly. As long as you take the time to school yourself on the basics of hand rankings and gameplay, you can join a table with ease.

Take a few minutes to educate yourself on poker hand rankings to keep up with other players at your table. Infographic by Dan Ma

It will help you out immensely to seem like you’re a poker master, even if you’re just a newbie in disguise. That’s why part of casino preparedness is knowing how to talk the talk. If you’re going to be playing a game like poker, which requires the use of certain terminology, it’s imperative that you learn the jargon beforehand and know what does it mean to go all in or play a ring game. You’ll seem more professional, avoid embarrassing mishaps, and become a more fluent player once you learn the lingo, so study up on proper poker terminology before you hit the tables. 

Once you know how to project an air of unshakable confidence, you’re halfway there. The other important part of the equation is learning about how the other players behave. Remember, successful poker players know how to put on an act and use bluffs to catch you off guard. And the more you learn to see through it, the higher you’ll move up the ladder of poker success yourself. 

Pay attention to other players seated around you, reading their body language to predict their next moves. Envato Free License

The chances of you becoming a master of manipulation within a few hours are quite slim. However, it will help you out significantly to learn a bit about how to read the body language of your poker opponents, so you can at least tell their general emotions and feelings. This can help you determine when they bluff, hold high-ranking cards, and other important factors, all of which will aid you in becoming a better player. 

Picking the Best Poker Venue in London

Once you’ve got the game down, it’s time to pick the best place to play it. While London is full of casinos, not all of them are created equal, and some are much more compatible with poker than others. The best casino choice depends on your bankroll, skill level, and the atmosphere you prefer to play in. Luckily for you, London has poker rooms for every personality. 

  • The Asper’s Casino: Relaxed players searching for an unassuming venue will feel right at home in The Asper’s. Here you can take advantage of the free rake tables to glean tips and tricks from experienced staff members before laying your money down. You’ll be able to enjoy flexible lower limit tables, a carefree atmosphere, and a hip young vibe at The Asper’s Casino.
  • The Grosvenor Victoria: Don’t come in unprepared at the Grosvenor Victoria. As it’s home to the largest poker room in the city, the competition here is high and the players are experienced. If you really know your poker, no venue is more exciting. You can take part with any bankroll here, and the gameplay is the most important aspect of the experience. 
  • The Empire Casino: London loves her high-rollers, and no venue is more suited to them than The Empire Casino. Dress to the nines if you’re planning a night out here, and be prepared to play in luxury. The atmosphere is warm, if a bit posh, so you can relax to your fullest in reclining seats as you sip cocktails and contemplate your next move.

No matter what sort of poker room you’re looking for, you’ll find it in London. Casino gaming is a big part of the lifestyle—the industry in the UK yielded around £14.4 billion overall as of last year, making it one of the most profitable in Europe. People here have options, and Londoners especially can put their fingers in many pies when it comes to gaming venues. 

Finding a fun, luxurious atmosphere in London isn’t difficult at all with the collection of upscale casinos to be found here

The city boasts other casinos with sizeable poker rooms, including the exclusive Genting Casino Cromwell Mint and the massive, all-inclusive Hippodrome. There are dozens of venues here, and you’re sure to find one close by you which suits your fancy. Do your research ahead of time to determine exactly what you’re walking into, and you can’t go wrong. 

Etiquette & Dress

When going out for a night of poker, you want to dress and act appropriately. This will help you feel experienced and confident, and blend in with the crowd at your venue of choice. Remember, you don’t want to stand out too much. Dressing loudly or inappropriately will draw attention to you, and it may even help others get a read on you. 

It’s important to research the rules at your chosen poker room before you arrive. Determine if there is a dress code suggested or required, and adhere to it. More lavish venues generally require a higher standard of dress, while relaxed casinos may not require anything specific. You don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends, but it’s always a superb idea to look your best and be comfortable while out and about.

You should also follow some basic etiquette guidelines while at the poker table. Turn your cell phone off and refrain from taking any photos or engaging in unnecessary conversation while at play. Listen to the dealer and follow his or her instructions, making sure to act courteously and treat other players with respect. If you comport yourself in a friendly, open, and engaging manner, others will do the same. You’ll be able to play comfortably and have fun, maybe even making a few friends while you’re at it. 

Ready to get your game on? London’s poker rooms are waiting for you. As long as you play the smart way at the right venue and act the part, you’re sure to have a splendid night no matter what. Now that you know how to make your night a genuine success, don’t hesitate to hit the streets and get started on your gaming adventure today. 

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