Family decorating Christmas tree

When is the correct time to put up your Christmas tree?

The nation is putting their Christmas trees up earlier every year, studies show, but when is the right time to deck the halls?

As the festive season approaches, conversations around when exactly to put your Christmas tree up are arising, with some having already completed the mammoth task. 

Some argue that 1 December is the perfect time for the occasion, others stick with tradition which says exactly four Sundays before Christmas. 

Whilst putting the tree up remains a vital part of Christmas for families all around the country, some people will choose not to rock around the Christmas tree this year.

DECK THE HALLS: When are Christmas trees going to be heading up across the nation?

Sian Ryan, 30, said: “I have an overall hatred of Christmas.

“This will be my first Christmas in my own place on my own and I will not be buying a Christmas tree or putting one up.

“I absolutely love the giving part and always purchase presents and every year I try to make a big donation to a dog charity, but actual Christmas depresses me and I just hate the build up and pressure.”

The topic creates a surprising amount of annual controversy, but there are a wide range of reasons for getting into the festive spirit earlier or later than others. 

Business mentor Camille Plews, 38, has a heart-warming reason behind why her family are among the first people to put up their Christmas tree every year in memory of her brother. 

Plews said: “When I was only six, my older brother tragically died of a brain tumour.  

“Knowing that our last Christmas was approaching, my parents went “all out” on presents that year, knowing it would be our last family Christmas together.

“Now, every year, in memory of Carl, our family puts up their Christmas tree before the anniversary of Carl’s death on 16 November to celebrate his life and raise the mood at such a gloomy time of year.”

The real answer is, there isn’t a right or wrong time to deck the halls and string lights around a tree.

The variations of traditions throughout the nation are what makes Christmas meaningful and special to those who celebrate.

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