Richmond Park sees rise in visitors during lockdown

There has been a sharp rise in the number of visitors to Richmond Park since the beginning of lockdown two weeks ago.

With most other places such as theatres and restaurants closed, many people are going on long walks and have been making the most of the nice autumnal weather.

This has led to the park being especially busy during the past two weeks, and with two more weeks to go until the national lockdown ends it is likely to continue.

Assistant park manager of Richmond Park Adam Curtis said: “All the parks, but especially Richmond and Bushy Parks have been extremely busy since the national lockdown began.

“People have been taking advantage of the unseasonably mild weather to relax and get some exercise across the beautiful green spaces.”

Many people have been driving to the park to go on long walks which has increased traffic around the park areas and has left some locals disgruntled.

This has led to the park discouraging people coming during the busiest times to avoid too many people arriving at the same time.

Curtis encouraged people to avoid travelling to the parks by car at the busiest times such during at lunch time and at the weekends.

He added: “Over the first weekend, all the car parks were full by 10am and the roads in the area were extremely busy with vehicles and cyclists. This lead to long delays and cars being turned around on arrival.

“We would ask people to consider visiting the parks at quieter times, such as early in the morning or during the week.”

Most of the visitors to the park have been arriving during the sunny weather, but Curtis wants more people to explore the park when it’s not as pleasant.

He said: “It can be amazing to grab a waterproof jacket and visit the parks in the rain – the atmosphere can be magical.

“We thank everyone for looking out for other park users and staff and keeping a safe distance. 

Richmond Park and Bushy Park will remain open and accessible for visitors to enjoy during lockdown as a place to relax, get some fresh air and exercise and enjoy the beautiful, natural environment.”

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