Search for Cape Town wedding ring lost in Richmond two years ago

A wife is searching for her husband’s wedding ring which went missing in Richmond two years ago.

Margie Nobbs, 66, met husband Hylton Seymour, 73, at Holy Trinity Church in Richmond and they married in 2018.

They both clicked straight away because they are South African, with her being from Johannesburg and her husband from Cape Town.

HAPPILY MARRIED: Margie and Hylton. Credit: Margie Nobbs

Shortly after the wedding they lost Hylton’s ring when they were packing up to start a new life together in Devon.

Margie said: “Somewhere along the line he must have dropped it.

“He was absolutely devastated.”

The ring was lovingly hand-crafted by Hylton’s daughter Lindsey in Cape Town and made with three different shades of gold.

Margie described it as quite distinctive and quite special.

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She said it went missing when Hylton was using the Big Yellow storage units on Lower Mortlake Road.

At the time they were living in Kew, in an apartment in Sandycombe Road.

The ring could have been lost anywhere in that area.

Margie and Hylton retraced their steps and looked through all of their packed luggage to find the missing ring.

There is confusion about how the police can help in cases of missing jewellery.

The Metropolitan police website simply says: “If you’ve lost something that doesn’t have a serial number, but is worth over £500 or has sentimental value (ie an heirloom), please speak to an officer or member of police staff to see what, if anything, we can do to help.”

Margie said: “The police aren’t a lost property service- they have more important things to focus on.”

According to a 2017 Ecclesiastical survey, 24 per cent of men admitted to losing their wedding rings.

There is hope for those who lose their jewellery, with Canadian service The Ring Finders helping people locate missing jewellery using metal detection specialists all over the world, including the UK.

Margie desperately wants to find her husband’s missing wedding ring and is appealing for anyone in Richmond who may have seen it to come forward.

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