exterior of judith kerr's house

The house of Judith Kerr is on the market for £3m: what could you buy instead?

The Barnes house of the late beloved author and illustrator Judith Kerr has appeared on the market for an eye-watering sum of £3.325 million.

A place of inspiration, the house features the kitchen from the extremely popular Judith Kerr book ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ and an overlooking view of Barnes Common.

This, however, is not all the house has to offer with; six bedrooms, two bathrooms and three reception rooms.

£3.325 million is a serious sum of money but what else could you buy with that?

559,764 copies of ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’

If you are a big fan of Judith Kerr and her work, you could purchase 559,764 copies of another fan favourite ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’.

A five-bedroom chalet in Combloux, France

The stunning chalet also has five bathrooms, a swimming pool and a spa all at your disposal, plus a huge £350k left over to spend on whatever you please.

Only a 900-metre walk to their nearest village and a dominant position in front of the beautiful Mont-Blanc, this certainly is a picturesque destination.

1,108,332 Tesco Meal deals

Whether you are a pasta, wrap or sandwich person there is no worry because with the possibility of 1,108,332 different combinations you can try pretty much everything and anything that Tesco label as part of their £3 meal deal.

12 Lamborghini Aventadors

FAST: You could buy 12 Aventadors for the price of the house Credit: Damian Morys

You could also buy yourself a fleet of Lamborghini’s, if high speed super cars are of more interest to you.

With a max speed of up to a mind-boggling 218.1 mph, the Aventador doesn’t skip on either looks or speed.

The real question is, what colours are you picking?

7,388 PS5’s

For the gamer at heart, 7,388 PS5’s could be all yours, however, good luck finding a retailer that will be able to fulfil your needs as worldwide they have sold out almost everywhere.

14 Rolex Supermariner Chronometer watches

For some an expensive watch is the way to boost your style and Rolex is often described as the brand for luxury wristwear.

Featured image credit: Google Maps

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