The best ways to enjoy fishing in south west London

The concrete jungle of London may not be the most obvious spot for fishing fanatics to pursue their hobby, but there are plenty of ways to find some angling action in the city.

Fishing can be a rewarding hobby, and anyone who wants to feel connected to nature should try it.

There are online fishing options like iGaming titles and VR simulations, along with incredible beauty spots in south west London.

No matter where you live in the region, you have access to fishing.

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Fishing is a popular pastime online

The great thing about the internet is the way it has brought countless activities to people in their homes.

Fishing is one pastime that has been heavily represented online, and it’s one of the most prominent themes in the iGaming market.

Countless players play Bigger Bass Bonanza online, and the developers had to make this sequel to keep up with the demand for the original.

It offers a unique fishing experience in which players aim to reel in huge catches and take down cash prizes at the same time.

Fishing has also found representation in virtual reality, as developers have found that there’s a lot of interest in real-world hobbies translated over to the digital landscape.

Using a realistic fishing simulator like Fishing Master can give you a crash course in angling before you take your newfound skills out to bodies of water in London.

Plenty of local fishing spots in the area

If you want to get out and about in search of real-world fish, there are a few great spots in London.

The River Thames is the most obvious location, with ample fishing opportunities along its banks.

The legendary river is known for harbouring various species including perch, pike, and salmon.

You should be aware that you’ll need a rod fishing licence to go out and catch prey on London’s famous river, and make sure you carry this with you at all times.

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Richmond Park is another beautiful setting with ample ponds for fishing.

There are regulations in place and you can only fish during specific seasons, so it’s important to check all the guidelines before you go.

Bushy Park is another spot with a scenic backdrop, and you can expect to find carp and bream in the water there.

Travelling Outside London for Fishing

If you fancy getting out of London, there are some excellent locations that aren’t too far away.

Surrey is one of the best places to go, and it boasts one of the best-stocked fishing venues in the UK.

Bury Hill Fisheries has different lakes to suit a range of fishing styles, meaning it’s great for everyone from beginners to experts.

Kent has a lot to offer anglers as well. Hawkhurst Fish Farm has multiple lakes and caters for trout and coarse fishing.

There’s also Bough Beech reservoir, which is managed by the Kent Wildlife Trust and provides a peaceful nature experience.

Despite living in the biggest city in the UK, it’s clear that southwest London residents have plenty of options when it comes to fishing.

If you want to take up the pastime, it’s never been easier to get started.

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