For Working Ladies launch first offline event

A London based digital media platform for women held their first offline event to enhance women in their careers, contacts and lifestyle on January 31.

For Working Ladies was launched in January 2016 by Elizabeth Akanbi-Ogabi, from Kent, who organised the exclusive panel discussion of four striving business women.

Guest speakers included Pip Jamieson, Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, Lola Hoad and Vicky Simmons, founders of The Dots, Malee, One Girl Band and Mean Mail respectively.

The sold out event titled Changing Lanes, was hosted at Devonshire Place, Liverpool Street, where over 100 women attended to hear from the diverse entrepreneurs.

When asked how long it took arrange this milestone event, Elizabeth said: “It took about three weeks to organise, but I have been wanting to do something like this since early last year.”

Elizabeth also believes using social media is an amazing way to connect and collaborate with new people whilst forming new business partnerships.

She praised location-based app Bumble’s new feature Bumble Bizz as a great way to advertise and invite women to attend the Changing Lanes event.

She said: “Just through this app I was able to find 15 matches who wanted to collaborate with For Working Ladies, which is great for us when it comes to expanding the business.”

The founder and editor interviewed the panel in an hour long question and answer session before opening the floor up to the audience.

Topical questions included how important is higher education to secure your dream job and how to deal with the pressure of running your own business.

Pip believed the best part about being your own boss is having a great team. She said: “I get to go to work with people that I genuinely like. Starting your own career is hard enough,

“Don’t hang out with negative people and have cheerleaders around you.”

Each guest gave different reasons for wanting to represent For Working Ladies at their first official offline event. Zeze joked saying: “Success sometimes seems so mystical and unobtainable and it’s great to sometimes to know you’ve touched one person, even when we feel we still don’t know what we are doing!

“It’s nice to be able to give someone that gift and for them to be able to live that passion and do something that’s so self-fulfilling because so many people don’t get that opportunity.”

Pip added: “I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and I want to share my experiences with everyone so no one else repeats them.”

Many guests who attended Changing Lanes were newly established or aspiring entrepreneurs, Vicky revealed her decision to find her own business, saying: “Being from a creative background I am naturally driven to want to produce and I believe all humans have that drive and need to produce something, whether it’s with their hands or brains or a mix of both so it is nice to have a job which satisfies both them needs.”

Lola also agreed and offered advice to those daring to set up a new company this year, saying: “If you have lots of ideas on the table question why would you do it. Why is the biggest question you can ask.

“You are going to make mistakes and feel like you’ve failed you’re so scared at the beginning but if you’ve got that drive then it will all work out.”

Guests were each given complimentary goodie bags filled with products who sponsored the exclusive event including Pixi Beauty, Cawston Drinks and Happiness Planner.

There are also plans For Working Ladies to host more offline events and workshops throughout the year with dates yet to be confirmed.

Elizabeth also exclusively revealed the company is launching their own podcast series named Conversations with For Working Ladies, which will go live in March.

She said: “The podcast hopes to voice stories of diverse, smart, successful women and share practical advice around how to have a better working life.”

Advertisements for female entrepreneurs across the UK to feature in For Working Ladies upcoming podcast show are currently open.

To sign up to For Working Ladies newsletter, visit www.forworkingladies.com/newsletter.

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