A real little princess: Inspirational Wandsworth girl to donate her hair to cancer charity

A motivated young girl from Wandsworth is donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Jaylie, just nine years old, has been growing her hair for years to be like Disney Princess, Rapunzel.

The charitable little girl, who goes to Robin Hood Primary School, will be donating 20cm of her luscious locks to the Little Princess Trust later this month.

Daiana Osorio, Jaylie’s mother, fully supports her daughter’s brave decision, she said: “Jaylie has always asked questions about cancer as this has hit close to home a couple of times.

“Jaylie wondered if children could be affected as well, how treatment was, and how they were affected by the treatment.

“We did some research together and she was moved by the hair loss and asked me if there was a way for her to help, we researched and chose to donate her hair.”

Jaylie is getting her hair cut at Southside shopping centre on Saturday, February 27.

Her mother said: “Jaylie has been growing her hair for a couple of years because she always wanted long hair like Rapunzel the Disney Princess, but I 100% support her kind act and this worthy cause.

“We chose the Little Princess Trust as it was exactly what Jaylie wanted, to donate her hair to a trust that helps the kids and gives them wigs free of charge, she knows this will put a smile on their face.

“Jaylie is super excited to see how much support she can get and constantly checks the Just Giving page.

“We are hoping to raise £350 which is how much it costs to make each wig.”

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