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On the pulse World Egg Day special: How do you like your eggs in the morning?

No one knew it was coming. No one even realised it was a thing. But someone, somewhere, decided that today, October 14, should be World Egg Day.

Today the globe is appreciating the egg in all its forms. Be it scrambled, fried or as part of a delicious cake.

People have been locked in debate (probably for a few minutes at least) about what is the best way to enjoy the humble egg.

As you can imagine, families have been divided, friendships have teetered on the brink.

Never has there been an issue so controversial, and it’s a tough one to crack.

As World Egg Day develops into a pivotal moment in all of our lives, it only seemed right that we quiz the people of south west London on the one question we have all been thinking (well, singing)…

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Fried: 40%

Poached: 30%

Scrambled: 30%

With fried coming out on top, much to the horror of some, we also asked what everyone’s favourite egg-based meal was.

Michael Lewis, a 22-year-old a construction worker from Purley, said his favourite meal was an omelette with ‘everything in it’.

“I love a good egg’s Benedict,” said 45-year-old home maker, Marion Ormond, from Glasgow.

On the flip side Yemi Ekundayo, a 28-year-old IT support technician from Old Park, opted for a quiche.

“When it’s made the French style it’s really nice,” he said.


“Omelette – got to be cheese and ham doesn’t it,” said Gavin Jones, 36, a bank clerk from Cardiff.

Adding to the omelette love in was James McDonald, 49, who lives in Southfields.

“I like an omelette. Anything with meat in it,” he said.


Tilda Johnson, a 21-year-old production assistant from Devon had a difficult decision to make.

After originally picking scrambled egg on toast, the memory of eating an egg and cress sandwich swayed her verdict.

Maya Greenwood-Brown, 21, an art student also from Devon, had a more definite answer.

“Frittata – eggy innit,” she said.

John Smith, a 19-year-old student from Wimbledon decided on eggy bread as he had grown up with it.

Accountant Dale Connelly, 32, from Johannesburg, decided on a poached egg and salmon combination.

“It’s nice to have something that’s cold because of the hot climate at home,” he said.

Finally, council worker William Stanley, 23, from Essex, opted for egg fried rice as his favourite egg based meal.

Featured image courtesy of 16:9clue via Flickr, with thanks

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