Mo the force be with you! Reporters reveal ‘tache troubles at Movember challenge halfway point

South West Londoner’s very own team of moustache marauders are just whiskers away from the halfway point of their endeavours.

The Movember marathon has taken its toll on the four-strong team of Mathieu Wood, James Johnston, David Marsh and Ross Lawson, with the new additions to the upper lip causing something of a stir for the group.

The team remain unanimous in their support for good causes, but despite raising the (handle) bar as the early fan favourite, Mathieu is struggling to impress with his attempts.

Mathieu week two tache
MO WOES: Mathieu admits he’s already looking forward to a shave

“With still well over two weeks to go, I’m worried of how ridiculous it will end up looking,” he said.

“This one month is the only time having a moustache is acceptable and I don’t plan on keeping it come the end of Movember.”

James has taken a more positive outlook on his hair-raising display, but insists the best is still to come from his fan-tache-tic effort from the first fortnight.

James moustache week two
THE BEST IS YET TO COME: James remains positive two weeks in

James said: “Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same has to be said for moustache growing.

“It’s going to a long few weeks ahead but I’m confident that something truly magnificent will come at the end of it.

“So far I’ve let the beard get involved in the process too, but I can reveal that next week the mo will be flying solo, it’s ready to be unleashed in its full glory.”

Meanwhile Dave has refused to comment on his moustache-growing prowess, keeping a stiff upper lip to focus on his bid to be crowned South West Londoner’s ‘tache growing champion for 2015.

Dave movember week two
FAN-TASHE-TIC! Dave is focused on being crowned king

Sources close to Dave have revealed that the Welshman stashes a similar viewpoint to Mathieu, and his eagerness to be rid of the lip wig as soon as possible.

Baby of the group Ross has surprised everyone, including himself, in actually being able to muster hair on his follically-challenged face.

But it’s not been enough to prevent suspicious looks from people on the street.

“I’ve been banned from going out in public, and rightfully so,” he said.

Ross week two
TROUT POUT: Ross pulls an outrageous expression to showcase his moustache endeavours

“But this is more than just moustache growing, this is to send a message that all teenagers can compete with their early 20s rivals up and down the land.”

Ross also revealed he came close to ridding himself of the fluff in a moment of madness, but relented in the last seconds in what was definitely a close shave.

The group now embark on the difficult second half in order to complete their challenge.

Movember crew week 2
MO SOLID CREW: If they ever release an album, we’ve got the artwork sorted

With that in mind, serial pun enthusiast and unofficial Movember photographer Ellie Walter has given her words of wisdom as the boys try to impress with their ‘taches.

“The boys have had mo problems in cultivating some fine facial hair and their efforts have been fan-tache-tic so far,” she said.

“They have promised me that they will sh-ave their best for the coming weeks.

“Mo the force be with you boys!”

You can donate to the team’s Movember efforts here and keep up-to-date with the progress of our intrepid reporters throughout the month with pictures and updates as they try, and fail, to grow impressive facial hair.

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