Written in the stars: Could hiring by star signs be the key to office teams’ success?

The UK government wants to see workers back in the office – could hiring by star signs be the key to enjoying the workplace?

The prime minister Boris Johnson delivered his speech to the Conservative Party Conference last week, advising that returning to the office was important for creating a productive workforce.

When it comes to creating one, employers look at a multitude of factors – from your work experience, education, skills and communication style.

But what if they started making a team with their employee’s star signs in mind?

Instaprint polled 2,000 British workers and found that almost a fifth (18%), believe that our star signs influence our compatibility with co-workers.

Astrologer Bex Milford said: “Since certain signs resonate with different traits, it’s natural that some will find themselves more compatible in a working environment with others.

STARS IN THEIR EYES: Almost a fifth of UK workers polled believe our star signs affect our relationships with colleagues

“Of course, it depends what industry they’re working with – in a big corporation, Capricorn and Aries will be strident leaders, although they may struggle with the creative nature of Pisces or the fixed mentality of Taurus.

“As with all of these things, having a supportive mix assigned to different roles is the key – Virgos will love to plan, Leos will love to present, and Sagittarius will stride ahead with boundless enthusiasm.”

In the study, Instaprint found that colleagues preferred some personality traits in their co-workers over others.

Almost half (46%) of UK workers agreed patience was the most desired personality trait in a colleague.

Which is good news if you’re a Taurus says Bex, as Taurus’ are known for being patient, persevering, and creative.

But Taurus’ can be inflexible and don’t like to deviate from plans, which can be difficult to work with.

A further 45% valued co-workers who had good communication skills and 43% wanted to work with people with problem-solving abilities.

Capricorn’s ambition and creativity makes for great problem-solving skills says Psychic Sofa’s psychic reader, Estella.

She added: “Capricorns’ resourcefulness and hardworking nature means colleagues like to pick their brains and take advice from them.” 

Although a third of British workers see the ability to lead as a positive quality, one in ten men said they would struggle working with a natural leader.

Estella said: “Leos make great natural leaders because they are often willing to take risks and go out on a limb to succeed.

“However, Leos are known to be loud and domineering and at times, find it hard to listen to others.”

Ranked number one for personality types we’d rather avoid was those with poor listening skills, 34% said they disliked it.

Dominating personalities in the office should tread carefully as they came in at second place.

Over a quarter of people said they found colleagues who were inflexible in the workplace difficult to work with.

Estella said: “Geminis are well known for being creative, a trait lots of people like to see in their colleagues, but their hyper-activeness can mean they are forgetful and flighty.”

This could be a hindrance to Geminis as a quarter of employees admitted that no follow-through in the workplace was a quality they find unappealing.

Estella said: “Aries are often independent and confident within the workplace and are very straightforward, saying it how it is.

“They like to reach targets and meet goals on time, making them relentless in getting the job done.”

Aries make great leaders with these qualities but should watch their tone of voice as 15% of women said they would avoid working with someone with a blunt approach.

Below you can find which sun sign you are most compatible with in the workplace.

An infographic showing which sun signs work well together in the workplace, information provided by Estella from Psychic Sofa

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