Teddington Pilates instructor launches series of events and deals for May

Teddington Pilates instructor Aileen Kilshaw is celebrating May by putting on a series of events and promotions for her clients, called “Feel Good May”.

Kilshaw, who runs AForce Training, decided to begin the campaign as a reward to her clients for sticking with her throughout lockdown by running a series of in person events throughout the month.

These events would allow them to experience in person exercise classes once again and get back to the social element of working out and allowing others to try out her sessions.

The event then expanded when she contacted various business owner friends in Teddington and across the borough to offer special discounts for her customers.

A diverse range of businesses are involved in the event, and as well as Zoom classes most days, there are two more in person events on May 20 and May 30.

Featured image credit: Aileen Kilshaw

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