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Homely yet vibrant atmosphere hits the spot at Chelsea’s Hunter’s Moon

By Laren Tayyip
October 11 2019, 16.45

The Lunar Pub Company opened their very first restaurant The Hunter’s Moon in Chelsea’s ever fashionable Fulham Road. 

The restaurant was officially opened by owners Oliver Marlowe, 33, and Hubert Beatson-Hird, 27, on Tuesday following a successful launch party earlier in the week. 

The exceptional variety of canapes and bottles of champagne had guests flooding in all evening. 

The layout of the restaurant is split into three sections including a pub area at the front with a large bar which is great for a relaxing catch up over a drink. 

Round the corner features a library area resembling a living room with comfortable armchairs, book shelves and oak flooring. 

The rustic interior includes tartan curtains, patterned cushions and splashes of olive and brown walls around the room. 

Towards the back of the building is a large dining room with vintage tile flooring and a stone fire place. 

Key features in the dining room include horseshoe booths, wooden tables and chairs scattered around the room, an AGA and glass wine cabinet.

The sky lights, chandeliers, candles and vintage mirrors all contribute to the warmth of the restaurant. 

Hubert Beatson-Hird, owner director, said: “We’re aiming for a homely yet vibrant atmosphere – somewhere that offers a top dining experience in a relaxed environment. 

“We want to create a social hub where everyone is catered for no matter what they’re looking for, whether that’s a coffee in the morning, a pint in the afternoon, or a fantastic dinner to celebrate a special occasion or just the fact that it’s a Tuesday night.”

He added: “The design matches this, with a relaxed pub/bar area in the front of the building and a more formal setting in the dining room. We have gone for a rustic chic vibe that hopefully encapsulates what we offer.”

The multiple menus include lunch, dinner, Saturday brunch, Sundays and bar snacks with a separate drinks menu and wine list.  

CELEBRATING: SWL’s Laren with Oliver Marlowe and Hubert Beatson-Hird

The dining area has a daily-changing menu which feature a range of European dishes such as slow roast suckling pork belly with apple tarte fine to scallop ceviche with whipped avocado, pickled ginger and truffled ponzu.

The front pub and bar has a different menu which focuses on more casual options such as scotch eggs and sausage rolls. 

Oliver Marlowe, owner chef director, said: “As for signature dishes – we are really excited about the scallop ceviche starter and veal chop main course for two to share with an outrageous risotto Milanese.”

He added: “We are also looking forward to showing off what has been described as the best crème brulee in South West London.”

In the next five to six years The Lunar Pub Company hopes to open a further two places to make three sites in total around the area.

Mr Marlow said: “In terms of expansion, the more ventures we can open in the area showcasing our passion for food and drink the better.”

Mr Beatson-Hird said: “To be honest, we have been quite lucky and the whole process has been pretty smooth. If we had to put our finger on the biggest challenge – it would have been the site acquisition and the bureaucratic process that followed.”

Mr Marlow said: “We are going to offer a dining experience that is truly special in a place that you’d be happy to call your local.”

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