You doughnut want to miss this Krispy Kreme pop-up in Leicester Square

Krispy Kreme opened up a special house in Leicester Square to celebrate a newly-released doughnut this weekend .

The Magic in the Middle pop-up shop, which was available for public viewing on Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9, was a weekend of sugary-themed goodness which included caramel and chocolate covered walls, doughnut style décor, and a ring-shaped trampoline offering the chance to win prizes.

The Original Filled Doughnut is a variation on the Original Glazed Doughnut which has popularised Krispy Kreme, but with a twist.

A Krispy Kreme employee at the event said: “Two weeks ago Krispy Kreme launched the Original Filled Doughnut which looks like an Original Glazed Doughnut but it’s not; it’s got a filling in it.

“We launched two flavours which were the Nutella and the salted caramel which is my personal favourite.

“The event is a lot of fun. Everyone gets a doughnut!”

Exclusively for the weekend the company also had on offer custard and raspberry jam flavours, as well as a mystery third flavour which was kept secret for those who attended.

The free-to-enter event also explained the history of Krispy Kreme, showed photos of what a £1,000 doughnut looks like, and offered the chance to take home the prize of a year’s supply of free Krispy Kreme produce.

Everyone also went home with a free doughnut simply for walking through the doors in what seemed to be a ‘hole-some’ experience for the public.

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