Big wins for online casino players revealed

By SWL staff
December 10 2019, 16.30

Online Casino Official Records

In England, North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world, online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, they’re replacing traditional casinos more and more every day, as players are enjoying the ease of playing online. As a result, record winnings from online slot machines have become a common occurrence! You can find testimonials from lucky players in offline news, as well as on blogger sites and casino guides publishing win records made by online slot fans.

Mega Moolah – The record-breaking UK slot machine

The latest records from 2019, shown on the OCP guide, are a testament to this game’s success. OCP keeps a record of wins from the Mega Moolah slot machine, displaying some seriously impressive jackpot results! Members have won jackpots worth millions on the most iconic UK virtual casinos! It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. After consulting the casinos listed on the OCP guide, it’s easy to see why people love these kinds of gambling sites. The photos below show some of the biggest wins to date:

One of the record winnings posted on the Online Casino Partners (OCP) guide was registered in Guinness World Records in 2015. That year, it was a lucky British player betting on that walked away with the life-changing jackpot. However, since 2015, this official Guinness record has been beaten. More than 18 million euros were won in 2018 by a Canadian customer at Grand Mondial’s online casino.

How do these slot machines work?

Online casino games, like Mega Moolah, are similar to those in land-based casinos. It’s always the progressive slot machines that can win you the biggest jackpots. These progressive slots are fueled by a fraction of each player’s bet, usually about 8%, thus increasing the jackpot each time. The niche of progressive slots is that every time a player wins, the pot automatically restarts with a minimum base jackpot. However, the main reason these jackpots get so huge is down to the slot machines being connected to hundreds of online casinos around the world. Players from over 150 countries connect to these online games (source:

After consulting guides and casino forums, we found that there are only a few online slot machines creating a buzz from big casino winnings. But, out of all these games, Mega Moolah stands out the most. This slot machine isn’t the only one on the market… Other games, like Major Millions and Royal Roulette, also seem to pop up quite often. All in all, these online slots are the reason for success for many online casinos, and, more importantly, are great fun for players who took home the big jackpot.

Which casinos host these slot machines?

By visiting different news sites and guides dedicated to online casinos, you can see which ones take the spotlight. They all seem to have the Mega Moolah and other popular online slot machines. By checking out OCP’s online casino site, we know that there are nearly 300 casino sites that have online slot machines with spectacular jackpots. So the choice just depends on which country you’re playing from, your tastes and goals.

Be careful – These games can be addictive

Just like with the lottery or scratch cards, you have to be careful. Online slots with big jackpots are certainly attractive, but these are games of chance and you should never believe it’s easy to win. If you have, even if only slightly, an addictive personality, it’s best to stay well clear. As stated by the gambling commissions and support services for players who tend to play compulsively, gambling must always remain as a source of entertainment. Betting unreasonable amounts of money at casinos can lead to serious debt issues, so please, be sensible when gambling your hard-earned cash.

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