Two-year-old German Shepherd has condition deemed incurable by vets

A two-year-old German Shepherd whose owner raised £600 for her treatment was deemed inoperable last week.

Delta, a young pedigree German Shepherd, who was diagnosed with liver shunts and cardiomyopathy in August, was deemed inoperable by vets last Tuesday.

She is predicted to have a maximum of four years left of her life.

Delta on oxygen whilst in an induced coma
UNCONSCIOUS: Delta on oxygen whilst in an induced coma

The owners, Samantha Abramczyk and Joshua Fernandes, of Hounslow, bought Delta from a breeder in Wales two years ago at just 9-weeks-old.

Abramczyk, 23, said: “The news broke us into pieces. Just talking about it makes me want to cry.”

Shortly after Delta was diagnosed with liver shunts and cardiomyopathy Abramczyk set up a GoFundMe page to help with treatment costs and raised over £600.

Delta had a severe seizure on 18 August, after which Abramczyk and Fernandes rushed her to the vets.

Several seizures followed in the days to come and Abramczyk said they became longer and longer each time.

Abramczyk said: “We just thought we were going to lose her there and then when she was fitting in our arms.”

On 23 October Delta was put into an induced coma by the vets to stop the seizures from occurring, however the liver shunt was believed to be curable.

Delta reunited with the family.
REUNITED: Delta surrounded by love and smiles

Sadly, a triple contrast CT scan’s results from last Tuesday showed there were too many shunts to operate on safely.

The news of Delta’s illness came as a shock to the owners as Delta had no prior health conditions.

Abramczyk said: “My partner fell to the floor at the news. She is our little baby and we don’t know where to take it from here.

“The pain is the same as if it were to happen to one of your family members.

“She has stolen everyone’s hearts.”

Abramczyk said they searched for the right breeder for almost a year before picking Delta.

The financial costs of Delta’s treatment and care took such a large toll on the family that Abramczyk’s mother, Dorota Marcinkiewicz, contemplated selling her car.

Before Delta fell ill
BRIGHTER DAYS: Before Delta had fallen ill

The family is trying not to give up and are awaiting a second opinion from vets in America and Germany.

All funds raised were spent on tests and treatment, however Abramcykz has closed down the GoFundMe page following news that Delta’s condition is inoperable.

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