Face Sunscreen: How To Reapply Sunscreen Over Make-up?

Simply put, sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare.

All year around.

Even in cloudy weather or when you are just sitting by the window at home or the office, UV rays can still cause damage and visible ageing of your skin.

So right before applying make-up during the morning routine, a good quality SPF cream should be used.

But the tricky beauty problem to tackle is how to stay protected from UV radiation all day without ruining your make-up later on.

Check out our tips on how to reapply SPF over make-up and keep your skin radiant, nourished and healthy.

How often should you reapply sunscreen?

The fact is, that sunscreen wears off within only a few hours of application, especially when we sweat and touch our face.

The general rule is to reapply it every two to three hours with sun exposure, despite wearing a foundation that already has some SPF.

You should also use sun protection immediately after exercising or swimming.

SPF creams, sticks, sprays and powders

With the wide range of sunscreen formats, protecting your skin has never been easier. Let’s dive in!

Day creams with SPF

Before we can even think about reapplying sunscreen, we need to start the day with a solid base.

The SPF cream should always be the final step of your skincare routine, after cleansing, toning and just before applying make-up.

Go for a factor of 30 or higher to get the proper sun protection and choose a weightless texture that works as a good foundation base.

Always make sure to cover your entire face, neck and ears too.

The beauty brand L’Oréal Paris has a wide range of lightweight facial moisturizers with SPF, from 15 to 50+ that will keep your complexion nourished and help you avoid harmful rays.

Using cream SPF on top of your make-up?


You can blot your SPF on top of your foundation simply by using a make-up sponge.

You need to apply it carefully, start with a small amount of the product on a sponge and lightly dot the cream over your face, section by section, until you achieve an even layer.

Sunscreen stick

When out and about with not much access to a bathroom, sunscreen stick is the product to go for.

You can apply a coat of sunscreen all over your face without getting your hands messy with sunscreen.

Some even like using the sunscreen stick for topping up the SPF over the make-up.

Powdered sunscreen

Powdered sunscreen offers an easy and quick way to top up sun protection on the go.

These powders come in several universal shades and due to their velvety matte finish they are perfect for oily skin types.

Sunscreen spray

Sunscreen mists and SPF sprays are another great way to keep your skin protected without messing with your make-up.

The mist is not heavy or wet on the face and dries quickly, so the make-up stays in place even if it is not waterproof.

You can easily spritz it over your face in an even layer and you are ready to go.

There is never a good excuse not to use sunscreen.

With so many options on the market, it is easy to protect and nourish your face throughout the day and avoid visible and nonvisible effects of UV exposure, such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and even a risk of skin cancer.

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