General Election 2015: How well do south west London public know their politics?

Today’s general election has dominated the news in recent weeks, but how much have south west London’s voters actually been listening?

We decided to put them to the test and quizzed them on the main party emblems and prominent politicians standing in the area, and the results were not that encouraging.

On average the public recognised 64% of the emblems but scored a less impressive 16% when it came to the faces of our more prominent politicians.

Despite that varying success, 80% of those polled said they would be voting today.

EmblemsCONFUSED: Can you name all the parties from these emblems?

When it came to the party emblems, the main problem was the Conservatives’ tree logo, which 63% of those quizzed saying it belonged to the Green Party.

There was good news for Liberal Democrat Vince Cable, who was the most recognisable south west London politician, while only one person recognised international development minister Justine Greening and no-one indentified Battersea’s incumbent Jane Ellison.

Jack DoyleNOT SURE: Jack Doyle won’t know what the person he votes for looks like

Jack Doyle, a 26-year-old Highway Maintenance Worker from Streatham said: “I haven’t got a clue about the faces but I am planning to vote – provided the boss lets me off work that is!”

Teacher Ed Pegg, 34, from Sutton, scored top marks on the emblems quiz but only recognised Vince Cable of the politicians.

He said: “I would recognise the candidates in my own constituency, I’ve been following my local election closely and they are ones I need to know.”

Ed pegg
TOP MARKS: Teacher Ed Pegg knew all the main party emblems

Senior support care home worker Joseph Field, 28, who scored four out of five on the emblems, said: “I have just come back from driving through the countryside so I’ve seen a lot of the logos which helps!”

Joseph FieldCOUNTRY BOY: A drive helped Joseph Field recognise all the logos

One of the people who scored highest was 68-year-old Michael Horn, despite the fact he won’t be able to vote.

“I am English but I live in Portugal now so I won’t be voting, but I do try and keep up with British news,” he said.

Michael HornKEEPING UPDATED: Michael Horn can’t vote but knows his British politics

Housewife Sarah Hyles, 55, of Wimbledon, was one of the people who mistook the Conservative logo for the Greens.

“I automatically associated the tree with the Green Party, it is an easy mistake to make I guess,” she said.

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