The Parkinson's Fighting Fit Football Team, consisting of eighteen men, smile at the camera as they have their photo taken.

WATCH: The football team giving Parkinson’s the boot

The Fighting Fit Football team in St Albans for people living with Parkinson’s has been described as “lifesaving” by its members.

The group consists of more than 30 individuals with Parkinson’s and gathers every Monday evening at Watford FC’s training ground.

Around 153,000 people in the UK are currently living with Parkinson’s, according to data from Parkinson’s UK and exercise is vital for improving symptoms.

Founder Nick Light said: “People say to me that it’s a lifesaver or a life changer.”

WATCH: Meet The Parkinson’s Football Team Giving Parkinson’s The Boot

Beyond its health benefits, the club is a social way for people with Parkinson’s to stay active.

Joe Gregory, a playing member of the Fighting Fit Football club said: “If it wasn’t for this club I just would have given up.”

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