Gen Z putting elders to shame with laundry knowledge and ability

It’s all change on the domestic front in 2024, with Generation Z putting their seniors to shame with their knowledge and ability to tackle laundry.

Gen Z are getting the practice in early, with two thirds (64%) starting to do their own washing before they were 18. That compares to just 1 in 5 (21%) of those over 65 and a quarter (27%) of Generation X when they were the same age.

While spotless cleaning is a key trend for Generation Z, the research from Cleanipedia reveals that over a third (35%) admit to leaving dirty clothes in their laundry basket for over a month, allowing germs to fester and the smell to linger in their room for weeks.

Nearly two thirds of Gen Z-ers (62%) have also discreetly tried to wash something so that no one notices their dirty laundry, with the most embarrassing and unmentionable stains they’ve had to wash off being blood (58%), mysterious yellow stains (31%), sweat (17%) and poo (10%). Over half (51%) of Gen Z women also agreed that period stains are the toughest to clean off.

Furthermore, over a third (36%) reveal they have previously taken something out of the laundry basket to re-wear, almost half (42%) own up to using the sniff test and more than a third (38%) have sprayed an item with perfume so they can re-wear it.  

#Cleantokker, Roo (@rooshome), who has partnered with Cleanipedia, said: “We’ve all felt embarrassed about certain stains so it doesn’t surprise me that Gen Z would prefer to search online for tips than ask for help. Social media has made it easier than ever to find advice for the messes we’re too embarrassed to ask about, but not all of it is tried and tested.”

Roo’s 5 Laundry Hacks

  • The Power of Vinegar: Not only is White Vinegar one of the best all-natural fabric softeners, but it’s also a powerhouse against sweat.
  • Neutralize vomit: Regardless of whether it was your pet, child or yourself who got sick… vomit is easily cleaned, and the odour neutralized by combining ½ cup of baking soda and a few tablespoons of water.
  • Ice for sticky situations: If you find yourself with a sticky stain caused by something like gum or glue, never put the item straight into the wash as this can melt the gum further into the clothing (and even cause it to transfer to the rest of your laundry load). Instead, ice the area first either by placing a bag of ice cubes over it or placing the whole item in a bag and into the freezer for several minutes.
  • Removing blood stains from sheets: Cold is gold when removing blood and most stains will come out with one wash, but if any remain, repeat the process.
  • Fresher than fresh white socks: Revive your dull, sweaty socks and combat bacteria lurking in them by adding them to a bucket or sinkful of warm water along with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and leaving them to soak overnight.

Cleanipedia has launched a campaign to shine a light on these ‘Unmentionable’ stains – to watch these videos and a host of others, head to Cleanipedia_UK on TikTok for guidance on cleaning from the experts.

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