Gambling: Is it really a problem in the UK?

Some might use it as a way to relax and have fun, as for others, it already became a hobby. One thing is for sure: gambling in all its forms is a common activity in the UK. Either in a land-based casino or an online platform, British gamers turn to gambling when they desire to enjoy their time in a relaxing way.

Nowadays, online casinos such as casinos that you can find on this page, are the main choice for players as they usually don’t have enough time to spend in land-based ones.

Comfort is also very important and due to the fact that a gaming website can be accessed as they lay on their sofa, online gambling became more and more popular. Spread all over the world, the online casinos constitute a mean of entertainment that’s very easy to access.

Every online casino is regulated by authorities in charge and features the following phrase: “Gambling can be addictive. Play Responsibly.” This along with the GameCare option available at the bottom of the page raises awareness about the fact that this activity is solely for your entertainment and must not become harmful to you in any way.

Statistics from the Gambling Commission (GC) reveal that 97% of online gamblers play at home. There are various reasons that led to this high percentage. As mentioned above, one of them is comfort.

The survey conducted by the GC also shows that more than half of online players gamble using a mobile phone or a tablet. This can mean that they are able to satisfy the desire of gambling anywhere they are. Moreover, 22% of gamblers aged 18-24 years indulge in this activity at work, which can negatively affect many aspects of their career.

Even though these percentages might seem a little alarming, statistics conducted in the UK show that, in 2017, 45% of adults aged 16+ have participated in gambling in the past four weeks. This participation rate decreased by 3% compared to 2016. This can mean that players realise the addiction they face and turn to friends, family or even authorities in charge for help.

Studies also show that problem gambling might be faced by people who had already participated in more than one betting activity in the past year. The Gambling Commission identifies 2.4% of people as low risk gamblers and 1.1% of people as moderate risk gamblers. That’s good news because players don’t need to deflect from the fact that gambling is a means of enjoying your time. Tim Miller, the executive director of GC, said that this activity can become safer if we understand the level of problem gambling.

The decreasing rates are a good sign and the fact that institutions like the Gambling Commission and the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board desire to maintain this phenomenon under close observation is great. The key is to always have the courage to break the silence and remember that there is someone that will listen to you and help you deal with the addiction.

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