Ranked: The best places to live in south west London

Historically, the south west of this city has managed to stay away from the spotlight. Even while emerging hipster Meccas such as Shoreditch and Peckham have burst into the national limelight, this little corner of London has still managed to keep to itself.

That all seems to be changing; south west London has in the last couple of years risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular areas to buy a home in the entire city, according to, as people priced out of traditionally trendy areas have begun to discover everything this area has to offer.

If you’re thinking of settling down here, read on to find out the best places to live in south west London.

4. Wimbledon

Once a sleepy commuter town known solely for its tennis tournament, Wimbledon has become a thriving, chic neighbourhood of its own in recent years, thanks to majorly improved transport links and the availability of green spaces. The central areas of Wimbledon are full of cozy cafes and marketplaces, but it tends to be an overpriced placed to live. Heading slightly further south to Merton will give you all the green spaces and smoothie bars you could ever want at much lower prices.

3. Richmond

Richmond is a great place to take the family, with the royal park here being one of the largest and most biologically diverse in the country. As a place to live, it has long been associated with the wealthy and the whole area is still dotted with sprawling manors from the Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian eras. You won’t find much here by way of budget homes, with the average house prices now standing at just over £1 million, meaning you’ll likely need to bag a considerable windfall in order to cover the cost of a 2-up, 2-down.

2. Clapham

It’s incredibly difficult to fault Clapham. This area, which is focused around the sprawling Clapham Common (which has a tube stop at either end of it), has always been one of the most vibrant in the capital, if not the world. It’s all about the nightlife in Clapham, with a huge number of bars and clubs which make it a perfect spot for party animals. The diversity of the nightlife is also demonstrated by the fact that the area is home to some of the few casinos outside central London, with the Admiral being the most popular – you’ll probably want to work on your slot game by playing online. Games such as will show you exactly how slots are played and the difference between a progressive and a static jackpot; all useful if you want to stand a chance at keeping up with the locals. Life doesn’t get much more colourful than Clapham.

1. Battersea

Battersea was once down-on-its-luck, synonymous with industrial decline and punk music videos. These days, thanks to the stunning renovation of Battersea Power Station, which will soon be home to hundreds of flats as well as the world’s largest co-working space (, the area has become one of the trendiest places in the capital. While prices aren’t exactly low, the huge glut of housing that has flooded the area has meant that for the area, you can definitely grab a smart bargain. At least by London standards.

While the gentrification of London continues apace, much of the south west has managed to retain its charm and character. Let’s hope this continues as more and more people choose to make it their home.

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