Quick tips to beat the big chill

Unless you are one of the lucky ones working from a second home somewhere in the Caribbean you can’t but have noticed a blast of cold weather has hit our shores and winter is well and truly upon us.

According to the Met Office blog, “We’ve had an earlier than usual cold spell but wintery hazards coming later in the season are forecast,” so there will be no let-up of chilly weather yet.

Does this mean snow is heading our way? A spokesman from the Met Office said: “It’s tricky to say, there are some suggestions that it’s going to get colder next week, the cold could turn to snow.

“There’s a chance of snow across the country but not in London.

 “This weekend will be quite chilly, with a few showers on Saturday with a drier Sunday likely.”

The question on everyone’s mind is can we expect snow on Christmas Day? The Met Office spokesman continues: “For December, it’s too early to say.

“There are some suggestions it could be drier but it’s too early to say for sure.”

With cold weather in mind, there is no time like the present to look at keeping yourself and your home warm.

With more of us working from home now than ever before, what can you do then to keep warm without breaking the bank?

Looking at your front door is a good place to start.

If you feel draughts anywhere around the sides, your heating is literally going out the door.

A simple tape job around it can keep cold air out and heat in.

Most hardware stores sell draught foam sealant.

This is a very effective and cheap way of keeping draughts out and is fairly quick to apply. 

Be sure to make sure you have someone helping you if you are standing on a stool to apply the tape to the top, sides and bottom of your door.

Another effective cold buster is a draught excluder along the bottom of your door.

A simple towel or blanket works well too if you don’t like the idea of a cute fabric dog lazing around on the floor.

Keeping your central heating on low all day instead of blasting it full power in the evening is an efficient way of keeping a moderate temperature going all day long.

Alternatively, there is an old school of thought that swears by keeping your central heating off in the day and just wearing an extra layer and if you can bear it, a woolly hat.

As we lose 90% of heat through our heads, it really does bode well to keep your head warm.

This can be as effective as keeping your heating on but costs nothing.

Most energy companies now offer a warm home discount scheme of up to £140 off of your winter electricity bill.

Whilst certain exemptions apply, energy companies have simplified the process meaning it’s a one-page form to fill in which you can do online.

Contact your energy supplier for details.

If your loft or walls are not insulated, you can also apply to your local council for help with costs to get this done.

As well as doors, lofts and walls, consider swapping your single pane windows for double or even triple glazed ones.

Whilst not a cheap option initially, replacing windows offers long term protection from cold and really does make a difference in the winter thereby saving you money in the long term.

Lastly, a simple but incredibly efficient way of keeping warm in bed at night is to snuggle up with a hot water bottle.

Always use a with a cover for both safety and ensuring it keeps warmer for longer.  

As for next week’s weather, do we need our umbrellas or gloves and scarves?

The Met Office advises: “Next week will be unsettled with a risk of heavy rain and strong winds.”

Better get both out then.

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