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A complete guide to achieve your financial freedom 

Most people often consider financial freedom impossible, especially those with outstanding loans.

However, this is achievable when you follow some of the basic rules.

In addition, there are some crucial factors that you need to consider, such as your financial status and financial goals that you have.

It’s critical to note that financial freedom entails having full ownership of your finances.

This includes being dependable on your cash flows and not worrying about how you will pay your bills.

Additionally, it involves recognising that you need more to pay your outstanding debts and having a long-term financial plan that helps you plan for rainy days.

Pay yourself first

You might have encountered the phrase pay yourself first if you constantly read financial articles.

In case you have, the phrase means you put some money in your saving account before you can pay anything else.

Paying yourself first helps you get closer to your financial freedom by helping you save enough to cater for your needs.

Buy experiences, not just things

Most times, the experience you get helps make your life easier and enables you to enjoy your financial freedom more than things could.

You need to check sites or magazines such as Prillionaires’ lifestyle magazine for insight into the best experiences that you could want.

You need to evaluate if the debt you have from the things you buy makes your life easier or more complicated in the long run.

If you have always enjoyed travelling, you can look for the most luxurious and spectacular places and gain more experience.

However, it’s essential always to have a plan to ensure you are spending what you can afford to avoid incurring more debts. 

Track your spending

One of the crucial steps toward your financial freedom is tracking your expenses.

Fortunately, many tools can help you know how much money you’re spending and which items or things use money.

Understanding how much you have overspent and the money available in your accounts can help you make well-informed changes.

You can reduce unnecessary spending and save more to achieve financial freedom.

Create a realistic financial goal

Setting realistic financial goals can help you tackle your debts and enable you to invest more.

When selecting your financial goals, ensure you know your financial status to see where you will cut expenses and where you can save more money.

In addition, you cannot accomplish everything you want in a month, so have a realistic timeline for achieving your short-term and long-term goals.

Understand your financial status

This is one of the first steps toward your financial freedom.

You need to look into how much debt you have and the total amount you have in your saving and plan to save.

Some of the loans you might consider include student loan repayments, mortgages, credit loans and car loans.

This can help you plan and achieve your finances without much complication. 


Achieving financial freedom is can be complicated, but there are ways to simplify it.

Learn where you are and plan realistic financial goals within a set time.

Don’t forget to read magazines for insight into managing your finances and a better way to get more quality experiences. 

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