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Should Londoners consider internet costs when preparing to work abroad?

By SWL staff
March 2 2020, 11.00

From watching films to listening to music and buying our groceries, we all do a huge amount online these days.

In fact, it could be argued that access to the internet has become one of the key essentials required in modern life.

But while many of us living in London are fortunate to have access to quality broadband, what kind of service could we expect if we were planning to move abroad? Perhaps most importantly, what would we actually end up paying to access such connections?

Major price variations

According to figures from Numbeo, the price of internet services in London and the rest of the UK are fairly reasonable when compared to other countries. In its analysis of the price of internet packages featuring 60Mbps or more with unlimited data, the site ranked the UK 38th with an average monthly cost of $39.73 – or £30.

In contrast, the country with the lowest cost for such internet services was found to be Ukraine, where the equivalent service is apparently priced at a rather remarkable $5.24 a month. The price in pounds? Just £4. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates is in the region with the biggest internet costs, with the same service priced at $99.10 – or £76 – in the country.

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Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

Such findings are undoubtedly eye-opening and, with internet access being so vital these days, does this mean the price of internet services should have a major bearing on where we choose to live or work when we head abroad?

Other factors to consider

Of course, while web access is clearly very important, the issue would perhaps be best considered in line with other key elements. For example, if you plan to move overseas, the average incomes on offer may be something to consider, alongside tax contributions, the price of accommodation and overall quality of life.

Take London for instance. While its internet prices may fall on the moderate to high side according to Numbeo’s analysis, those living in the city also generally have to contend with high rents. According to Statista, the average rental in Greater London in 2019 stood at £1,694 in 2019, significantly higher than the national average of £967. However, one other factor to bear in mind is that high wages may also be on offer in the city.

In addition, while Numbeo estimates that the cost of living is also low in Kiev, the flipside is that it may not offer the same work opportunities when compared to global powerhouses like London and one of the major UAE cities such as Abu Dhabi. Speaking of the latter, it may be home to expensive broadband but, as Bayut outlines, the city offers the prospect of tax-free income and high salaries. In addition, the property hub adds that annual rents for studio apartments on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi can be as low as AED 12k – or £2,520.

One of many factors

All in all, it appears that while the cost of internet access has become an important matter for many households these days, there are still plenty of other things to consider if you’re seriously considering a move abroad.

While web access is essential, it should most likely be viewed alongside other elements as you prepare for your next big move.

Feature image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

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