Essential fashion tips to keep warm this winter

The coldest time of the year is fast approaching in London.

Can’t we just skip this time of year and go straight to the summer?

All terrible things about the winter months aside, one positive is that we get to dress up in cosy and chic Winter outfits.

You might be thinking that chic and winter do not belong in the same sentence, however, with some useful tips, it’s easy to dress practically and fashionably.

Keep reading to find out how to become a winter fashionista. 

Firstly, thermals are a must

To fight the bitter cold in London, investing in a decent set of thermals should be number one on your list of winter wardrobe must-haves.

There are plenty of options out there for reasonably priced thermals, which will fit close to the body and go under any outfit, and keep you well insulated against the cold.

Think of thermals as your uniform underneath your clothes for when the cold front sets in.

Consider picking up some thermal tops with a turtleneck.

Turtlenecks are a great way to add definition to an outfit and they look extremely chic paired with a plain jumper. 

Other winter fabrics which are sure to keep you extra warm include cashmere and merino wool.

These are expensive pieces to buy, but well worth the investment, as they will last years and keep you snug.

You will not look back. If you’re buying more sustainably these days, read our article about Clobber and Sprout and their alternate vintage clothing store to fill your wardrobe with some pre-loved and unique pieces. 

Layers, layers, and more layers 

We all know a puffer or down jacket is essential cosy attire for the winter months.

However, if you’re feeling a little bored with your puffer, consider layering jackets.

If you have a great oversized tailored coat which isn’t suitable on its own for cold weather, consider layering a lightweight jacket underneath, such as a blazer, denim jacket, or leather jacket, with the collar placed outside the tailored coat.

This is a great way to use all your lighter jackets year-round and makes an outfit looks more interesting. 

Bring your outfit to life with accessories 

Hats and scarves are an obvious option to keep you toasty.

The first place you are likely to lose heat from is your head, so ensure you have this part of your body well covered. 

They’re also a great way to bring out your personal style when you’re all covered up to protect against the elements.

Again, invest in some good quality hats and scarves in your favourite colours and patterns. 

It’s great when you have a selection which you can mix and match and can go with any outfit.

Consider making your brightly coloured hat the statement piece in your outfit and pair it with an oversized black or grey scarf.

Drape one end of the scarf across your shoulder for an effortlessly stylish look. 

Protect your feet

There is nothing worse than losing the feeling in your feet from cold conditions.

The best way to tackle this is with sensible winter boots.

Ditch your sleek looking boots with the heel and embrace sensible footwear.

Rubber-soled boots are a must in this case to protect against the elements and keep you walking around comfortably all day.

Do your research on the best winter boots available right now before making the splurge.

Don’t forget thick warm socks inside your winter boots for extra comfort and warmth. 

Cosy lounge wear 

With all your outdoor clothing taken care of, cosy and warm pyjamas and slippers are other essentials in cold weather.

Warm up at the end of a cold day with a hot shower or bath before hopping into your lounge wear. Bathe in luxury with the bathroom collection from GROHE.

The GROHE shower thermostat is a great addition to your bathroom to keep the water temperature at a constant warm temperature this winter. 

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