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  1. Georgia Lewis
    May 8, 2015 @ 11:16 pm

    Tom Brake did indeed organise a sham meeting in regard to the hospital – Healthwatch used Tom Brake’s website for RSVPs which Brake then used to grow his mailing list. He was forced to remove these email addresses from his mailing list after a group of us complained. The panel was very LibDem-heavy, questions were pre-approved and when we were finally allowed to ask questions from the floor, the meeting was closed half an hour before the scheduled finishing time.

    As Healthwatch is a charity, I complained to the Charity Commission about the political interference and got a lame response claiming they saw no evidence of this.

    And yes, his e-petition is another way to grow his mailing list and it fools so many well-meaning people. It is addressed to the wrong body and nobody knows if or when it will be handed in or to whom.

    If Brake was at all serious about the hospital, he would have had the guts to not vote for the Health and Social Care Act or Clause 119, he would attend CCG meetings to ask the decision-makers hard questions and his presence at the last Epsom-St Helier Trust AGM would have been more than a pathetic video message.