1. Nibs
    April 17, 2015 @ 12:59 pm

    She is 100% correct and full respect to the Green Party in standing by their candidate.

    • Yousef
      April 23, 2015 @ 9:58 pm

      You and this woman are just 2 anti-Semitic scum that have no clue of the facts of what Israelis have to go thru with the Palestinians that are trying their best to kill in any way I don’t hear anything she says about the fact that Israel has to defend its citizens form the terrorist regimes that are shooting and trying to run over people for the sake of their ALLAH the Palestinians to compare Israel with the South African Apartheid Regime Israel never oppressed any of its law abiding citizens nor any other minorities living within its borders

      PS if Israel wanted to they could have leveled Gaza and make it into a parking lot

      • David Graham
        August 16, 2016 @ 2:30 pm

        Yeah, always blame the victims. Bullies always do!

        • Paul Leonard Reed
          August 24, 2016 @ 5:51 pm

          If thats how you feel you have a problem.Have you seen whats going on in Gaza,not just in Gaza the middle east is on fire.And you should not trash other peoples faiths or Religion,where did your God come from?how many Gods do you think there are?I only counted 1and thats all there is one God so don’t get confused.One day it will be your turn to be judged,along with the people you judge.Im a christian,Pacifist and a consientious objector so fire away.I wont give a fuck.

    • Adam
      October 19, 2015 @ 8:18 pm

      No, she’s a BIGOT and SO ARE YOU.

      • wasateacher
        May 9, 2016 @ 10:42 am

        So you believe that a Palestinian or, even, an Ethiopian Jew have the same rights in Israel as a Jewish Israeli passport holder even if they are legitimately resident in Israel? If so, I think you need to check Israeli laws. A racist state is defined as a state which legally discriminates against groups of people on the basis of ethnicity – Israel does that. Therefore, it is a racist state and this has nothing to do with its relationships with its neighbouring states.

      • Trevor
        May 9, 2016 @ 9:31 pm

        Israel breaches international law by continuing to build settlements on occupied territories. Palestine is allowed under international law to resist Israel. Apartheid Israel WILL change, or it will fall

      • Ghandi Tamimi
        May 10, 2016 @ 5:52 am

        The Palestinians are resisting the military occupation of their land and souls. It is the time for you to learn that resisting occupation is legal. Israel can not level Gaza killing 2 million humans while the world is watching. The power of “Antisemitic” spell is fading away, end the occupation and TRY to live in peace.

      • Terry Kelly
        May 10, 2016 @ 5:45 pm

        Israel is an out of control war crimes state. Calling people anti Semitic for condemning Israel’s atrocities gets weaker by the day. They might have got away with their genocide and apartheid a long time ago but this is the age of fast communications and the whole world can watch film of Palestinian children being brutally attacked by Israeli soldiers and Palestinian homes being knocked down and we can see, hear and witness the zionist israelis vicious appalling behaviour. I will all eventually come crashing down.

      • G.man.
        May 11, 2016 @ 5:06 pm

        my God where did they find u..u need 2 go back 2 lala land..no point explaining 2 u,,y is it that Israel don’t show respect 2 the black man,in its country..do u guys have any black jew in government..hmmmmmmm??can go on&on,,how did Israel end up where they are,,would u like it if someone came in your home because he is bigger,,take what he wants,,fuck the place up,,leave..so much of human rights violations,,yet only Israel can’t c what it’s doing,,Hitler oppressed the Jews,,yet the Jews oppressed the Palestinian..the Jews should no better,,because they have been they..what is Israel scared of,,that they commit these atrocities,,what do u expect if u take someones land away,,we all smile,,say well done..y do u thing the United.states is your best alliance,,that’s y u have thanks giving,,they as well,hashed the land away from the red Indian..so please when u make comments,,no your facts,,I only pointed out 2 out of,shit list go’s on..on.on..?

  2. GreenGoddess
    April 17, 2015 @ 7:44 pm

    She is 100% correct. Alex Brummer is so biased he cannot see nor understand it is completely unacceptable for Israel to bomb Palestine into oblivion, cut off their water, sanitation & electricity and then call themselves a “democracy”. It is no democracy I understand. Well done to the Green Party for standing up to these international terrorists. They have my vote.

    • Yousef
      April 23, 2015 @ 9:59 pm

      You and this woman are just 2 anti-Semitic scum that have no clue of the facts of what Israelis have to go thru with the Palestinians that are trying their best to kill in any way I don’t hear anything she says about the fact that Israel has to defend its citizens form the terrorist regimes that are shooting and trying to run over people for the sake of their ALLAH the Palestinians to compare Israel with the South African Apartheid Regime Israel never oppressed any of its law abiding citizens nor any other minorities living within its borders

      PS if Israel wanted to they could have leveled Gaza and make it into a parking lot

  3. Paul Hughes-Smith
    April 18, 2015 @ 9:25 am

    In an election campaign where issues of foreign policy are noticeably absent, Tanya was so right to have the courage to criticize Israel. Just because neighbouring Arab states do not practise democracy it does not absolve Israel from treating Palestinians fairly and granting them the same rights as their own citizens in accordance with international law. There has been a concerted effort by Jewish organizations in the UK (as opposed to many individual Jews) to wish to stifle all criticism of Israel and rush to call it anti-Semitism. The BBC has been shamefully compliant in bowing to this pressure. There was a debate at Chatham House last night broadcast on R4 News at 10 occasioned by the lack of foreign policy discussion during the election campaign. It had a whole section devoted to the Middle East but not once was Israel/Palestine mentioned, I rest my case.

  4. James Burke
    April 18, 2015 @ 10:59 am

    Israel should ban all hate filled UK waSSps from entering the country. They are the most hate filled scum on the planet. May that island, the source of ruining this planet for their gain, sink with all on it for the better of mankind to be free of the filth who control the London Bank

  5. Johnathan Smith
    April 20, 2015 @ 11:04 am

    Of course Israel is an apartheid state, and it is not Anti-Semitic to say so.
    Have people forgotten the horrible destruction rained down on the people of Gaza last year? If this had happened anywhere else in the World, especially if it had been a Muslim regime attacking it’s own people, the West would have gone in all guns blazing. The only reason they don’t intervene in Syria is that it suits their purpose to keep one of Mr Putin’s allies locked in a civil war.
    It is time that the Israeli regime is brought to heel over it’s blatant disregard for UN and Human Rights conventions, and I support fully my parties position on a boycott.

    • CAsey
      October 14, 2015 @ 11:09 pm

      Ever been to the country? I have. Have you seen, talked to, or watched Palestinians? I have. Have you talked to the local populous, been in Jerusalem when Palestinians have been attacking innocent bystanders like you and me going about their everyday? I have.

      You are just drawn in by the Islamic propaganda; Islam wants a Jewish massacre; they are taught from a young age to hate the Zionists, to kill the Zionists, the Zionists are evil, the Zionists are everywhere, and your views will see that happen both in Israel as well as European countries (huge rise of antisemitism), you dehumanize the very people who protect themselves as rockets land in their settlements fired from Palestinian hospitals and schools, stones rocks and firebombs thrown at them from all ages, sprinted after with daggers and knives all in the name of Allah to take out a Jew and go to paradise as a shahid.

      There are many Palestinians who love Israel, who love that Israelis and Palestinians can live in harmony, but your incitement and enabling of the extremists tips that scale and causes those families to go into hiding as their fanatical brothers are given the go ahead by the west. You and everyone else like you, perpetuate death with your ignorance.

      Right now in Jerusalem Jews are being shot and killed in the streets and public transport, run over by cars, run after by kids with knives, stabbed and hacked with cleavers and axes, rocks and stones thrown at cars causing crashes and casualties. That little Israeli boy on his push bike getting stabbed by two Palestinian children? His blood is on your hands.

      Do not worry, we will soon see this on our door-steps with our mass immigration from surrounding countries, and you’ll see first hand what Israelis have to go through each day. Your children and grandchildren will be the ones to fall victim to your naivety, as these same people begin accusing you of oppression, racism, victimizing on the international stage as you protect your loved ones, and outsiders begin labeling and demonizing you as such.

      When that day comes you will remember this post. You will see the true extent of your own lack of insight.

      Let us hope that never comes and the ignorant judgmental west wakes up.

      • Fej
        May 9, 2016 @ 9:27 pm

        Yes, and you are talking a load of rubbish.

  6. Marcel M. Pfister
    April 22, 2015 @ 9:43 am

    What an absolutely despicable series of statements made by this ignorant woman, Tanya Williams. I hope the Green Party teacher this idiot a lesson. I cannot stand racists and Tanya Williams is one, for sure.

  7. Rob
    April 22, 2015 @ 11:02 pm

    It’s not at all surprising to hear these views coming from Green Party candidates. In line with the “liberal” left view of Israel being the oppressor and Palestinians being the helpless oppressed and having no moral agency or responsibility in the conflict over the last 60 odd years. This MP takes it further and makes unfounded accusations about targeted destruction of Palestinian resources to make their lives difficult. This libellous idea that Jews and Israelis are so nasty that they just want to oppress and target people to make their lives difficult wold be laughable if it wasn’t so racist. I wonder when the Greens will propose boycotts against Arab countries in the Middle East who treat Palestinians like rats and leave them in refugee camps in a state of limbo, refusing to integrate them into their societies while it suits them. Finally, claiming Israel is an apartheid or racist state is totally ridiculous and a hateful accusation used as propaganda by liars. You don’t even have to visit to see this, you can just see how Arabs are represented in parliament and various other arenas, or how Christians are given freedom of religion unprecedented in most countries neighbouring Israel.

    • Kate Mora
      April 24, 2015 @ 4:29 am

      So how come your amy is so horribly cruel to many innocent Palestinians who are either in your gaols, killed – or humiliated when trying to buy simple necessities. You have made it impossible for them to have enough water and medicines.
      It is you own government that has caused this. It is disgusting at how Israel treats Palestinians who deserve what is left of their own country. How come, you are still stealing their lands, and building your fancy houses and ruining their lovely gardens to do so. – wake up and see what you are doing.

  8. Dennis Barron
    April 23, 2015 @ 1:22 am

    Green party. i.e. Green with Envy of Israel. Most of you people know jack about Israel. Go try to live in the middle of countries that want all of you wiped off the face of the earth.. Read the Muslim Brotherhoods charter from 1925. They consider themselves to be the rulers of all mankind. Kiss Anjem Choudry’s behind while you’re at it.

  9. Ros Newland
    April 23, 2015 @ 1:49 pm

    If Israel is how the Greens wish to describe it, can they account for this ? http://www.timesofisrael.com/this-is-our-country-there-is-no-other-says-teary-eyed-aharish-in-arabic/. There are plenty of other Muslims who live in Israel who feel the same way. If the Greens want to see apartheid in action, they need look no further than Gaza, where Christians are persecuted and Jews are not permitted to settle there at all. An ill-informed political party fielding ill-informed MP hopefuls are unfit to represent their diverse constituencies.

  10. Yani
    April 23, 2015 @ 2:22 pm

    The judgement are made based on the policies of the Israel government. Those policies are evident in an apartheid wall. The question is what pressure is going to be put on the Greens to shut up and not mention the issues of apartheid in Israel and will they have the strength to maintain an honest position against the weight of pressure from the Jewry?

    Have the UK Greens received the poorly written letter from the Greens in Israel yet? I bet that is in the inbox within 10 days of Tanya making this statement.

  11. Ted Bates
    April 23, 2015 @ 7:32 pm

    She’s an ignorant bigot. All Israelis have equal rights, whatever their religion or ethnicity.

  12. Diane Miller
    April 23, 2015 @ 8:14 pm

    And this is why I won’t be spending my money in England anytime soon! Every year I visit family in different parts of England but not this year. Having deep English roots I am saddened at the rampant Jew hatred that permeates England. The sad part is parents have passed this hatred on from one generation to the next for centuries. I don’t think people really know why they hate Jews. They just do…

    • Targetmeadljusttellmewhereimwrongfirstyeah
      April 25, 2015 @ 11:24 am

      Well, Diane, it’s perhaps because, despite British Mandated Palestine and that era – after which Jewish terrorists terrorised their way into having their own state, proving that terror does pay after all… before this, during WWII more ‘British’ people died for the resulting ‘Jewish’ freedom than Jewish people ever died for British freedom.
      Whilst I believe personally, that we should all be fighting for humanity’s collective freedom, that would require less divisive “us-and-them”, not more. In 21st-Century Britain (and this is not a new establishment) – those freedoms (aka ‘democracy’) are abused and made a mockery of by the Jewish/Zionist hegemony of the following:
      1) Having un unrepresentatively disproportionate number of MPs who are from this background and vote accordingly.
      Even if those MPs were 100%-lovely people, which they’re not, because a background doesn’t make someone inherently evil nor good, hint hint – this fact is inherently undemocratic, and takes MPs away from representing the actual demographics that do make up the UK. It is similar to the Tories not representating the working class’s interest, whilst deluding working class people into voting for them. Which leads us to:
      2) The largest Tory party donors being pro-Israel/Zionist, as are involved with other parties too.
      3). Labour Friends Of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel (if Israel has not this power I mention above, then why so many feel the need to cosy-up to her?).
      4) Then you look at foreign policy decisions that make little sense, except if you consider how it suits Israel (War On Terror and, separately, Iraq, etc). If those are voted for by MPs, then see above for why having MPs with a semi-vested interest, who send other people not related to them, off to war, perhaps on behalf of another nation, one that does them literally no favours – is a pretty despicable thing.

      5) But hey, I/we might be wrong: so why don’t you map-out the demographics, voting record, political, social and financial connections between all these aforementioned entities, for yourself. Then you can claim the truth to be on your side, and claim your right to accuse others of prejudice for stating what they believe to be the truth. Until then, aren’t YOU the one jumping to conclusions (i.e. being prejudiced yourself, plus a hypocrite to boot?) Do you justify this prejudice by the hatred and prejudice of others? If so, congratulations, you have, in your hypocrisy, completely missed the point that life offered you to learn. Then demanding respect? To have privilege, no less? No.
      Come to me like a man, and be treated like one, without prejudice. Come as a child, and likewise. Come as a GOD… and get the world to reject you. Think about it.

      Oh, and who bankrolled all of Britain’s Colonial history? Whether their ethnicity or religion had anything to do with it is irrelevant compared to their actions and their varying, positive and negative consequences. If their actions were caused or derived from their ethnicity and/or religion, then admit it. This world doesn’t get better by using lying as your weapon for group self-advocacy (not that the Palestinians nor the Zionists would listen to this last ethic, but they might be wiser to).

  13. Hadrian
    April 24, 2015 @ 7:55 am

    What a courageous woman! After watching Channel 4’s Dispatches (YouTube) on the Israel Lobby in the UK its frightening to think that the largest contributors to the Tories are the Zionist groups and their allies. At least with the Green party we know they’ll put the UK first, and not the interests of a foreign Apartheid state!

  14. Brian MacCarthaigh
    April 24, 2015 @ 11:00 am

    She’s 100% correct in her statement. I would go a step further and say Israel is a brutal oppressive apartheid racist genocidal state. It’s apartheid is far far worse than St Africa’s as it has an enormous wealthy diaspora and supporters that fund it with billions of dollars every year. It has the full support of the US government that syphons tax payers money to the tune of $3.5 billion per year. It’s time we recognized Israel for what it is and end the suffering of the Palestinians. Unfortunately the Israel lobby is very powerful and abuses it’s strength to silence those who dare speak out against it. The term anti semitic and jew hater is often abused to bully anyone who does speak out.

  15. Dominic Stockford
    April 30, 2015 @ 10:19 am

    I am afraid she is seriously wrong. They may not be perfect, but no state is – and of all the states in the Middle East it is Israel that is the most democratic. They have people from all races and backgrounds elected into their Knesset, including ‘Palestinians’ and Muslims, and unlike Hamas and the like they have not vowed to seek the destruction of anyone else (“One of Hamas’ founding leaders, Khalil al-Hayya, reaffirmed the Islamist movement’s founding charter, which is the destruction of Israel. “This illusion called Israel will be removed. It will be removed at the hands of the Qassam Brigades.”)

  16. Robin N. Bishop
    July 17, 2015 @ 12:43 pm

    All praise to this lady and to her party in backing her. Does it need saying yet again that Archbishop Tutu (from the apartheid state itself, South Africa) has already stated that in this respect, the Zionist entity in Palestine exceeds even the worst of South African apartheid ? Does this Brummer have even but one per cent of Tutu’s integrity ?

    The words of the Board of Deputies of British Jews representative expose the fundamentally anti-democratic intent of the peculiar form of racism/ethnic triumphalism known as ‘Zionism’ and its desire to suffocate free speech in this country, as the Zionist project in Palestine seeks to snuff out all opposition to its slow-motion expulsion, by death or by distance, of that land’s rightful inhabitants ?

  17. ronen kalai
    September 29, 2015 @ 8:39 pm

    I presume that when israel is accused of being an apartheid racist state then this translated means that all israeli citizens- muslim,druse ,circassian ,christian and jewish are all racist apartheid condoning, terrible people. Having noticed the traditional english anti semitism and anti foreigner gut feelings whilst being raised and brought up in the UK it comes as no surprise ( I’m truly sorry to admit ) that racist politicians abound – it’s a pity that Green has to be tainted by such dark grey !

    • tim kelly
      May 10, 2016 @ 2:54 am

      ronen kalai, why would you assume that because many british people don’t agree with a well armed state suppressing a virtually unarmed state (not recognised hardly and they were there first) especially when run by Roman/Jesuit proxy Netanyahu, that any one of us is anti-jew? I am sure probably some that don’t quite understand the difference between a Zionist (many,many non-jews in this group) and a blood jew do come to hate the jew, but these need more education… the fact is many of us in the UK can easily discern the difference and also do not condone our own genocidal leaders actions in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc, yet we don’t feel that others will hate us for being british, although of course we know some will tar all of us with the brush of our psycho leaders… but on the whole we don’t have that chip on our shoulders like many jews seem to, even though the white protestant christian is one of the most persecuted groups on the planet at the hands of the continued inquisition of Rome…but then, they (Rome) are the ones who will attempt to engineer the destruction of Israel at the hand of the prophecies they seeded among arabs when they made them slaves to the book… Jews are made scapegoats for Rome by the Zionist faction which was incepted in the modern era by Jesuit Theodore Herzl… Vatican now owns 60% of Jerusalem and it has had it’s beady one eye on it for over a thousand years… even the violence coming from Palestine to Israel is due to them having proxies in Palestine whipping up fervour… and Israel does little to calm it because they are also under Rome…the bastard warmakers of the last 3 centuries and destroyers of all alternative religions and cultures so as to claim superior status to ALL…

  18. Glenn
    May 9, 2016 @ 6:26 pm

    Good on her. A woman of courage and integrity.

  19. Patricia
    May 9, 2016 @ 6:58 pm

    APARTHEID The following four distinct classes of “citizenship” can be found within the present borders of Israel. 
    Class “A” citizenship : Jews. Privileged access to the material resources of the State and the social as well as the welfare services of the State. Are able to utilize the 93 per cent of pre-1967 Israel, controlled by the Land Agency. Note that no-one can actually purchase the Agency land and that it is leased to Jews only.
     Class “B” citizenship : Non Jews/Arabs. Taxpayers and citizens with voting rights. Are denied the right to utilize the 93 per cent of pre-1967 Israel controlled by the Land Agency. They are also denied equal access to water and social and welfare services. Are generally not permitted to serve in the military which means they are automatically denied the many social and welfare services available to those who complete compulsory (for Jews) military service. 
    Class “C” citizenship : Non Jews/Arabs. Taxpayers and citizens with voting rights, but classified as “absentees”. Comprises some 200,000 persons. Are denied the right to utilize property in 93 per cent of pre-1967 Israel. They are also denied equal access to water and social and welfare services. They have also been denied all rights to their own property (lands, houses, corporations, shares, bank accounts, bank safes, etc.) that they owned until confiscated by the Jewish state. This theft was made “legal” by the Absentees Property Law of 1950. 
    Class “D” citizenship : Non Jews/Arabs. Taxpayers, but without voting rights. Comprises some 3,000,000 persons. Are also denied the right to utilize or buy property anywhere in pre-1967 Israel. Have no access to social and welfare services. Many (mostly those who once lived in pre-1967 Israel) have had all their property confiscated by the Jewish state without compensation and have been forced to live in ghettos spread throughout two areas that today resemble concentration camps.
     Information From “Israel: An Apartheid State” (Zed Books, London and New Jersey, 1987) by Uri Davis. 

  20. Patricia
    May 9, 2016 @ 7:02 pm

    The above is even before the war crimes of Israel are listed, but they are too many to name all. Suffice to say that dropping one tonne bombs and chemical weapons on over a million trapped human beings is just one one them. Anyone supporting this genocidal entity should hang their heads in shame and go try to gain a conscience. #ICC4israel.

  21. Michael Turner
    May 9, 2016 @ 10:39 pm

    It is very easy to put our own opinion on the political, religions and power race in the Middle East, Israel is a country that brings very strong opinions, people live and die because of them.
    I would not want anyone to be affected by this post, but I want to say a opinion that can affect others.
    Our history, all history has bought us to where we are today, past mistakes, hate, fear, and misunderstanding of others, Israel was made in war, they was stronger than any of they enemy and beat the odds, that not to say, they have to keep being the same.
    Israel is better than that, learning from the enemy, to change and adapt to what is needed.
    Palestinians never had that help, they was a cause for others to make gain from, not to help, they have been victims too.
    If it takes international help to find a peace, with understanding of what went wrong or right in the past, then I am all for that, but the question is how is that done, not who is to blame, or can we pass the blame to others.

  22. A Mchaourab
    May 10, 2016 @ 5:53 am

    100% agree with Tania Williams and her party. This is not just her opinion but that of many many other politicians let’s alone millions of people. Enough of claims that whenever we say out loud how this apartheid state is breaching international law in a daily basis, some that comes up and claims that this is antisemitic and that they are concerned about the Jewish in the uk. Everybody who opposes their policy is ignorant. Killing Palestinians daily, women and children is justified in their eyes. I do not support killing innocent people on either side. What I don’t understand is how a state can get away with its war crimes and still claim to be innocent. They need to be sanctioned. Yes to sanctions. Yes to exclusion from any EU relations. Way to go Tania Williams for saying what is Right!

  23. Crisandro
    May 10, 2016 @ 11:46 am

    Well said, that woman.

    Sick and tired of Israel and its neo-apartheid policies on Palestinian land. Sick and tired of us following the US and doing naff all to stop it and in fact help to perpetrate the genocide of the Palestinians. It’s high time Israel was toppled. And soon.