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  1. Dean
    December 12, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

    Ridiculous…lib dems have stood aside in order to give greens a better chance In the pro remain camp for brexit so my constituency doesn’t have a candidate which means I don’t get to back lib dems on a National level so I have turned out in the pouring to put an sin abox that would count for something for jo Swanson and I cannot, it means my voice and vote has been snatched from me. What cowardly action is thislib dems? And you guys wonder why you don’t make any big waves and ripples. by them pulling out won’t make people vote green, it will force them to walk away not having voted or plunging for labour or conservative. Pathetic. Can someone reply to explain to me why this happens. Tne area is west Norwood and dulwich