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Customers at Brixton juice bar invited to try ‘hot shot challenge’

Two brothers are giving customers some winter warmth with a hot shot challenge at their recently-opened Brixton juice bar.

The area’s food and drink scene is going through an eclectic transformation and The Juice Unit is a recent addition serving juices, vegan smoothies and cakes. Fruit and vegetable shots are also on the menu for those who want a quick boost.

Customers brave enough to do the hot shot challenge are rewarded by being filmed on social media.

When describing the challenge co-owner Mussei Kidane, 29, said: “The Cayenne Hot Shot is a real hot shot in terms of temperature inside the body, it’s a natural cleanser, it’s an alkaline shot so has really good health benefits.”

Mussei has lived in Brixton since he was a child and along with his brother saw the opportunity to start the business in the recently refurbished space on Brixton Road, known as Brixton Mall.

With signature favourite juices including ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘The Sweet One’ becoming popular among Brixton locals, The Juice Unit has ambitions to open two new locations within the next year.

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