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The Jones Family Kitchen: a hidden gem of Belgravia waiting to be uncovered

The Jones Family Kitchen was originally pitched to me as a secret steakhouse, hidden away in the heart of SW1.

And it certainly is РBelgravia’s Eccleston Yards are only a five-minute walk from Victoria station and yet I feel like I never would have ended up in there of my own accord.

Luckily, the pitch was also correct about the quality of the steak.

The Jones Family Kitchen is a high-end steak house, with an atmosphere of sophistication and the kind of excellent service you would expect to match that.

The menu was extensive, with a variety of interesting options, making it more than just a generic steak restaurant.

However, the bottom line is that I was promised a good steak, and The Jones Family Kitchen delivered.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My friend who joined me for the evening was late due to the District line imploding, leaving me plenty of time to cast my eye over the extensive wine menu, with bottles for a range of tastes, palettes and prices.

We ended up, after he arrived, settling for a bottle of Rioja, as steak has to be paired with a good red wine (or so I’m told).

The wine was excellent, as was the server who helped us decide on what to order. He was clearly knowledgable without talking at you or making decisions for you, which can be a fine balance sometimes.

On to starters then, and I had a pork belly drizzled in Korean barbecue sauce and my friend had scallops.

We both agreed to share part of each other’s starter, as we both ordered each other’s second choice, only to enjoy our own starters so much neither of us was willing to part with even a bite.

Then, of course, came the main event.

I had a rib-eye with chimichurri and he had a sirloin with a red wine jus. Both cooked medium rare (never well-done, sorry Mum).

And yes, the steak was gorgeous, cooked to perfection, packed full of flavour and exactly what I needed at that moment.

Whilst I’m not a big dessert person, my friend indulged himself with the vegan chocolate cake, which was incredibly rich and, I’m told, delicious.

He finished his plate at any rate.

Overall, dinner at The Jones Family Kitchen was an excellent experience, that comes highly recommended with excellent food, service and atmosphere.

You can find them online here and in person tucked away in SW1 – it’s closer than you think.

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