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‘Elevating the humble chicken’: SWL reviews Brixton’s Fancy Funkin Chicken

Tucked away in Brixton’s Coldharbour Lane, Fancy Funkin Chicken opened its doors for the first time this month.

‘A new chicken shop and bar designed to elevate the humble chicken into something a bit fancier’, Fancy Funkin Chicken does exactly what it says on the tin.

SW9’s new addition, emitting a cosy red glow onto the street outside, was packed with young hipsters eager to sample the launch night bites.

Dimly lit and decorated with minimalistic bare brick walls and the occasional neon chicken light, fish swam in a glowing purple aquarium slotted into the ceiling.

A DJ with headphones slung around his neck spun a combination of techno and old school tracks on a neon blue lit deck.

Businessmen straight from the office with shirt sleeves rolled up and groups of twenty-somethings congregated around wooden bars and tables.

The atmosphere was filled with laughter and excited chatter, as glasses of prosecco in delicate little wine flutes circulated.

Suddenly a slightly spicy aroma filled the air and pint-sized delights began to trickle out from the kitchen.

Homemade coleslaw in tiny teacups was followed by mini chicken and veggie burgers (the latter made from beetroot, sweet potatoes and black beans).

A variety of tapas-style chicken dishes were next.

Diners nibbled on delicately battered honey-glazed chicken accompanied by little dipping pots of honey, ‘Funkin hot’ and, for the really daring, ‘Funkin Funkin hot’ chicken.

The feast was topped off with generous bowls of chips and more chicken – this time wings – for good measure.

Beneath a sea of glasses hanging from the ceiling was a compact bar where all manner of cocktails were being mixed.

“Rum and ice lemon is my favourite,” said 22-year-old barman Christian, who was busy shaking up the fruity alcoholic concoctions.

Before I knew it, a peach ice tea decked with crushed ice and topped with apple on a stick was in front of me.

Spliced with apricot, rum and lemon, it was the perfect zesty accompaniment to the tasty chicken bites.

Fancy Funkin Chicken is the ultimate hipster den for those who want to kick back with juicy chicken morsels and creative cocktails.

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