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REVIEW: Popeye’s restaurant in Westfield Stratford – A chicken disaster 

Popeye’s opened last year in Westfield, Stratford to serve anyone after their chicken fix. 

Personally, I prefer Nando’s. For once, however, I decided to be spontaneous and try something new, which I regret now. I ordered Popeye’s deluxe chicken sandwich, mash & cajun gravy, and hot wings.

As it’s no secret that I enjoy spicy food, I didn’t take long to get my hands all over the hot wings. As soon as I bit into the wings, I could taste the old oil as if the wings had been fried in. 

My disgust was heightened when I saw the redness on the chicken, which put me off the meal in general. Since I am that weirdo who always eats chips before burgers, I started with the chips first. 

The chips were quite tasty, but perhaps a pinch of salt would have made them even better. My expectation was that the burger would save me and fill me up, but it was disappointment after disappointment. The burger was cold, the bun barely toasted, and the chicken tasted like it had no seasoning.

Even if you have to eat what some may call “pigeon”, if you’re craving fried chicken, I recommend you visit your local Morley’s and save yourself some money.  

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